Week #6 Update

Good Day Desert Thunder Families,


    This is the week I had hoped we would start swimming three per lane consistently with the Seniors and Masters. However, in light of the reports over the last couple of weeks I have decided not to do so across the board. There are a couple of unique circumstances or occasions I am assigning three per lane to the college or masters swimmers, but I am not taking the whole team to a three per lane arrangement. 


    Some of you have seen that of the current usage of the pool, DTAC is holding the tougher line on parents staying in vehicles and athletes wearing masks from vehicle to lane, and lane to vehicle. We need to continue to hold that line and I need your support by keeping your swimmers on board with the parameters. It’s the classic lesson, that just because others are not following the rules it does not mean we can blow it off. I have written to all the other coaches to compel them to meet us where we are at on the parameters. My hope is it, plus the plea of health officials to step up, not down, on preventive measures, will have all swimmers and family members setting aside personal assertions about these measures and doing what is right for the health of our smaller and greater communities. 


    I have had to book lanes for July, and with no high school teams starting in July at CHS, we are going to hold our present schedule. It’s more for maintaining consistency than anything else. We are working on what our August - November schedule is going to look like. We have to account for CHS and ACP high school teams, social distancing in practice, affordability of renting lanes AND keeping social distancing, and whether we see competitions returning in the fall or not.


    With Starlight and JO’s cancelled there will be an adjustment to the volunteer hour quota. What needs to be considered is how to fairly account when some families already worked their full quota early in the cycle, and some families still had to put in some work in the summer. I’m mulling over ideas and running them by various people for feedback. There is also the very outside possibility of hosting our “Spooky” meet in late September, just before Halloween. I have to leave some hours in the quota to support that if we are able to host.


Thank you all for your understanding, patience, and support. It means the world right now.


Have a great day,

Coach Bryan