Swim Update 6/13/2020

Dear Swim Families,

Believe it or not, we are inching closer to a return to the pool.  Although there have been no concrete updates to report lately, there has been a tremendous effort behind the scenes working with the city on what options we have that will pass the test and allow us to open.  The bottom line is that youth sports cannot resume legally at this time under the current state and county guidance.  Unfortunately, the Wave, Mavericks and Splash are considered team/youth sports by the city, and as such, will not be allowed to resume at this time.  We understand that some facilities and other youth sports are opening and conducting various types of training within the county, but they are either run through private facilities or have secured facilities in some other fashion.  Our challenge is that we rent our facilities from the city, and they will not allow us to enter the water without a reopening/safety plan that has been approved by the County Health Director.  So, late yesterday, we submitted a revised plan to the city highlighting a new re-entry plan.

All is not lost, and in fact, we are very optimistic that we will be able to offer Summer Clinics to swimmers of all ages and abilities beginning soon.  Per our reopening plan, clinics will be a new registration and part of our Aquatics Lessons offered to the community.  Placement within each class will be determined by our Aquatics Director and coaching staff.  This is not a team registration, so all participants must register for this program separately.  There will be strict social distancing guidelines and the class sizes will be strictly monitored and enforced.  The format of these classes will be geared toward technique and conditioning.  Clinics will be offered starting no earlier than June 22nd and we are hoping no later than July 6th.  We have a great partnership with the city, and we know they are doing everything they can to help us reopen safely under this plan. 

Proposed pricing based on when we get started:

  • If 6 weeks, $190
  • If 7 weeks, $215
  • If 8 weeks, $235
  • Caps optional, 1 for $10 or 2 personalized for $30
  • 1 fundraising card per participant at $10

Detailed instructions on how to register for Clinics will be communicated once we have clear direction from the City and a firm start date is given.

Given this direction, the 2020 Rocklin Mavericks Season will continue to be sidelined for the time being.  We will re-evaluate where things are in August and update everyone at that time.  The interim billing of $50 per month will be cancelled moving forward, and your spot on the team will be maintained.

We encourage you to consider our clinics as a way to get your swimmer back in the water until such time that Mavericks is allowed to resume.  While these clinics cannot be structured exactly like our Mavericks practices, we will do everything possible to create classes that provide the appropriate challenge and level of instruction for your swimmer.

We are not alone in this quest for reopening.  Other area teams are opening or seeking reopening with similar clinics structure.  We have reviewed their programs, and believe that what we are offering is competitively positioned to others with posted rates.

While the RST Board and Staff are very optimistic about the direction of our summer programs and our ability to reopen, please understand that everything is subject to change at any moment.  Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate these extremely trying times.

Brad Cooper

Rocklin Swim Team