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Swim Update - 6/17/2020

I am pleased to announce that we heard from the city last night that the County Health Director has approved and provided sign off on our revised reopening plan.  This means that we have been granted access to the facilities at both Rocklin and Whitney high schools by the city, and are actively preparing our staff and facilities for reopening.  In other words, WE ARE SWIMMING THIS SUMMER!

Registration for Clinics is not open just yet, stay tuned for more details coming very soon.  The start date is not firm, but rest assured that we will begin Clinics as soon as we feel we can safely do so.  Our biggest challenge at the moment is to account for the small group sizes that we must adhere to based on the current guidelines.  This challenge can and will be solved we just need a couple more days to ensure we do it well.

Session 2 of our city lessons will begin as scheduled this Monday, June 22nd.  Please spread the word throughout the community to all families with little ones.  Becoming water safe is critical, and I kind of think there may be a few families looking for some afternoon activities this summer!  Here is the link to our swim school with all the details.

And finally, we ask for additional help at this time from all of you to promote our summer clinic as our operating costs will dramatically increase this year under the new plan.  Enticing new families looking to try swim without the commitment of swim meets or attracting swimmers from neighboring communities that may have canceled their season will go a long way in helping us financially in these unprecedented times.  So as with our lessons, please don’t be shy about spreading the word and promoting it throughout the community, and forwarding the details once they are provided.

Thanks for sticking with us over the past couple months, and we look forward to peering over the tops of our face coverings at you very soon!

Brad Cooper

President, Rocklin Swim Team