Dave's Notes --- June 22

Just a quick update. I found out Friday that the Kroc center (after hearing the governor on Thursday) decided not to continue to expand their opening as they had originally planned. They had planned to allow their rec swim members to go 2 swimmers per lane (currently they are allowing 1) beginning on the 29th. The originally planned expasion to 2 meant they would have released our normal afternoon hours back to us.

Since they are restricting their members usage to 1 per lane, they need to offer as many hours as possible for lap swim. - so we won't be getting our afternoon hours on the 29th as originally planned.

I was able to negotiate a few lanes and some after-hours (after 7pm) use. We also have some options at other pools.  I am trying to figure out how to maximize things and get people back in the water who can't swim mid-day. I should have that worked out by tomorrow night and will get info out to everyone by the end of Tuesday.

Thank you for your patience.

Keep your eye's open for future news.


-Coach Dave