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Message From Coach Paul
I hope you all are doing well and excited for our Summer clinics. I am thrilled to announce that we have filled all 8 weeks of our advanced clinics and only a few slots remain in our beginner clinics. We look forward to welcoming you back after such an unprecedented break and appreciate that many of our families are on a waiting list. We anticipate at this time to open more capacity as state and local guidelines are updated as we move to new phases while also ensuring the safety of our staff and swimmers.
I understand that the past three months have been difficult and trying for all of us. For the past two and half years, we have worked together to improve our competitive swim team and build many great memories. Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that I announce that I have resigned my position as the Head Coach of the West Cook YMCA’s competitive swim team. I have made the personal decision to take a sabbatical after 29 years of coaching to take some personal time for myself and to travel as the pandemic permits. I am proud of the efforts of every swimmer and I wanted to share what our team has accomplished over the last two years:
  • 5th place/11 teams at the 2019 Claire Statton Meet (hosted meet) 
  • 31 qualifying athletes for the 2018-2019 Fall/Winter IL YMCA State Championships
  • 13th/24 teams at the 2018-2019 Fall/Winter IL YMCA State Championships
  • 1st place/19 teams at 2019 Father's Day Meet (hosted meet) 
  • 29 qualifying athletes for the 2019 Summer IL YMCA State Championships 
  • 9th/24 teams at the 2019 Summer IL YMCA State Championships
  • 3rd/14 teams at the 2020 Claire Statton Meet (hosted meet) 
  • 31 qualifying athletes for the 2019-2020 Fall/Winter IL YMCA State Championships
As the team moves forward, I hope you all continue building on our foundation of collective success that we have accomplished over the past 2.5 years and surpass them. Although I will no longer be coaching, I am excited about the future of the program at the West Cook YMCA. 
Please know that the Y has plans for the immediate future:
  • Along with the staff at West Cook YMCA, we are pleased to announce that Kristin Pharr has accepted the position as the new Head Coach and will begin on July 6th . Coach Pharr has over 13 years of experience coaching competitive swimming. She joins us from the Scott County Family YMCA Dragons in Davenport, Iowa where she helped grow the team by 200% and saw a 500% increase in the number of swimmers qualify for regionals and state championships. I am comforted by the knowledge that the team is being entrusted to a proven professional who is equally committed as I am and the Y in improving the quality of the team and growing the team.
  • The Summer Clinics will be led by our Aquatic Director, Kyle Albright, for the first clinic and Coach Pharr will begin coaching at the second clinic. Our Healthy Living Fitness Program Coordinator, Frank Kumkoski, who will lead the dryland trainings. Please visit  for more information on the clinics.
  • As the COVID-19 pandemic permits, normal team operations will resume for the Fall/Winter season, in accordance with IDPH guidelines in September/October 2020. Please know that the following conditions must align for us to have a Fall/Winter Season:
  1. Ensure the safety of our swimmers, staff, and guests
  2. Permission and guidance from local public health authorities
  3. Governing bodies including USA Swimming sanction a Fall/Winter Season
  4. Our partners not only open but are also able to offer pool space that ensures the safety of all
  • With the start of the Fall season, our team will be suspending the formal nature of the Parent Advisory Committee as we take this time to better align with USA Swimming and emerge as a stronger institution owned club. The West Cook YMCA staff is committed to supporting our team in meets, recruitment, and operations. As we assess how we can strengthen our team, we will re-emerge with a parent-volunteer group that will provide volunteer assistance that strengthens and supports the team. 
Finally, I want to thank everyone at the West Cook YMCA for their continuous support, making a difference in countless families’ lives. Most of all, I want to thank the swimmers and parents. There is nothing more enjoyable than when a swimmer learns a new skill or achieves a best time. I will miss you all.
During the transition process kindly send your questions to . The team will gather all questions and concerns and provide a collective response to ensure consistency of information for the team.
Thank you for allowing me to serve as your Head Coach.
Paul V. Moniak