Dave's news

I had been planning on going forward in 2 week segments because the COVID protocols can change pretty often. Our first two weeks in the water end this Saturday. So next Monday would start the next 2 week block.

I had worked hard last night trying to figure out how to get as many people back into the water as possible with the available pool time that I thought I had. I was going to send out an email to that effect this morning, when I got hit with a big roadblock from the Kroc center.

Apparently their corporate office wants to block use to outside groups until at least the end of July. The Kroc ctr thinks they will be able to get them to allow us to use the time we have used over the last two weeks since we have a strong plan and they are not open for public swim during the hours they have been renting to us. But we are waiting for confirmation on that.

We had worked out some morning times at Helix, some mid-day times at Kroc, and some evening times at Kroc where we were sharing with public use time and also during the Kroc masters group time.....the evening sharing is now out the window.

I am in scramble mode to have alternatives in case corporate comes back and says we cannot use it at all.

There are a couple of alternative options I am looking into. I will post additional information as it becomes clearer what we'll be doing next .

-Coach Dave