6/24/20 RAC Reopening Plan: Situation Report

6/24/20 RAC Situation Report

What you have missed in the world of RAC & updates from our Summer Training Plan

Where we are in the Reopening plan, Phase 1 Week2.

  • What did week 1 look like? 6 per lane of Col/Nat/Sr Group in sessions spread throughout the day.

  • Where are we now? Sessions are currently available to Col/Nat/Sen, 12 per session/2-3(including siblings) per lane on opposite sides of the pool in sessions spread throughout the day. 

  • 5 AM & 6:45 AM Training Sessions are meant for those who have work obligations during the PM Training Sessions. RAC Coaches understand those who are not working this summer would like to attend those sessions, especially the 645am. Sunday Night at 6pm, be sure to check for available AM openings. Practice times are based on pool availability

  • RAC Coaches understand the unique dynamic, teams across the US/World are experiencing similar difficulties, especially those with 6 lane pools. With more time, RAC will learn more based on which Swimmers/Families attend which practice and thus improve our Covid Training Plan.

  • 32 of 45 Col/Nat/Sr are back into training in Phase 1 and are expecting to have everyone back over the next month.

  • Phase 2 begins next week and will reintroduce Masters, Fitness, Age Group Squad and Junior Squad

Reintroduction of Masters.

  • Register under Summer Masters Training

  • We have only 12 spots for each session, Mon/Wed/Fri

  • 12 Masters Families have signed up

  • *Only for returning RAC Masters Members, RAC is not open to new members at this time*

Reintroduction of Fitness,   Junior & Age Group Squads. 

  • Register under Junior/Age Group/Fitness Summer Training (Phase 2)

  • We will start with 12 swimmers per session, 6 on the deep end, 6 on the shallow end.

  • We will open the system Friday, June 26th at 6 pm for you to pick 2 training sessions for the upcoming week. On Saturday, June 27th at 6 pm you may add 1 more session on that week.  On Sunday, June 27th at 6pm all available training sessions for the week will be opened to the group for those that will like to swim more than three.

  • Signups will be first come, first serve.

Waiting List:

  • In the future, if all Practice Sessions are full, RAC Coaches will open a waiting list signup in our effort to give all RAC Members an opportunity. 

  • The wait list will be on “GroupMe”, please Dowload the App. Coaches will email out registration link

Extra Notes:

  • RAC Coaches will evaluate the signup history in hopes of “assigning” each swimmer a “lane mate” or someone who consistently attends the same practices to build consistency across practice sessions.

  • Reminder that Families with two or more kids on the team will need a registration waiver for each swimmer before signing up for practice sessions. We ask siblings of similar levels to attend together. 

  • When signing up for practice, if multiple family members are attending the same session please include all names in the “Contact Info” prompt. Siblings do not need to attend the same practice.

  • For more details, check the “RAC Swimming Return to Pool Plan”

How Coaches Check & Track Each Swimmer before each session:

o   Cough/shortness of breath

o   Can the swimmer hold deep breath for 5-10seconds

o  Does a Family Member have a fever?

o   Have you traveled recently?

o   Are you feeling any of the following symptoms?

Fever? Chills? Difficulty breathing? Fatigue? Muscle/body aches? New loss of taste or smell? Sore Throat? Congestion or runny nose? Nausea/vomiting? Diarrhea?

o   Temperature must be less than 100.4