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YHF Update

Y Hub Fins Swimmers and Families,

We wanted to check in with everyone and let you all know how much the coaches are missing our team!  For the safety of our swim families, we will still be out of the pool as a team through the end of July, with the exception of Senior Group.  Our current plan is to return to the pool as a team in August, with a "new normal" that will adhere to all social distancing guidelines.  With the constant changes from the pandemic situation, we will not have any specific details as to how we will restart practices up, other than we hope to be back in some fashion in August!   We will send out more details on how this will all look once we are toward the end of July.  

Please keep in mind that for younger swimmers, especially 12 and under, that for their long-term swimming success, this break will not be a major impact in the long run!  Once we are back, all the technique they have achieved in the past will return quickly and they will still have many great years ahead in our sport!  So, please don't worry about so much time away from the water, as we will get through this!  As long as they are staying active in general, they will pick back up right where we left off.  

We are happy to announce that we have brought back our Senior Group of swimmers, who do need longer distances and higher training levels than our younger or newer swimmers.  Coaches Tish and Addy have been very excited to see these swimmers for the last two weeks. 

With the exception for those senior swimmers on the team, we will NOT be charging any team fees for all other groups for the month of July.

Hoping to see our team soon,
YHF Coaches