Dave's Notes --- June 26

As I mentioned earlier, the regional HQ of Kroc is putting restrictions on them that will not allow us to use the pool during any public use time.

We thought we would be going back to evening time this next session. It will not happen. The Kroc center is just not making afternoon / early evening time available to us.

2 major changes beginning next week (camp session #2): 

1) Most of previous level 45 (and some from level 3) is now group ABC and will be practicing early mornings at Helix HS.

2) The mid day sessions for everyone else will continue at kroc on MWF (with some time adjustments). with some later practices now at helix HS on T-TH.

Attached is a preliminary breakdown of Session 2. Some of the PM only swimmers (most of them in JR guards) I have assumed that you will be able to make the early morning practices.

If I had a level 2 or below swimmer marked down for restarting once we went back to late afternoon practices, I did not put you in a group yet. Not all groups are filled and because I made some assumptions on swimmers being available, we may have some spaces in groups if not everyone is available.

Please take a look at the schedule and the group times. If your name is listed and you will not be attending this session, please let me know ASAP so I can free up the slot for another swimmer. If your name is not listed and you would like to be included for this next 2 week period. Please let me know that asap as well.


Coach Dave