Dave's Notes --- June 28 Camp session 2 starts tomorrow

Summer session 2 begins tomorrow!

Safety protocols remain in place.  If you did not participate in the previous session, please sign the release form Here and send it to [email protected] or bring on your first practice.

2 major changes beginning next week (camp session #2): 

1) Most of previous level 45 (and some from level 3) is now group ABC and will be practicing early mornings at Helix HS.

2) The mid day sessions for everyone else will continue at kroc on MWF (with some time adjustments). with some later practices now at helix HS on T-TH.

Session 2 groups / locations / swim times / staging (show up by) times.

Please refer to map here for location of Helix HS pool. Please drop your kids off (or excort them to the pool) from the back lot.


Let me know if you have questions.

-Coach Dave