Response to Governor's June 29th EO

Good morning all,


This is the regression I believe most of us are not surprised has happened. My personal response is that I am fully in support of the order, but concurrently feel an exceeding abundance of frustration. I want our “normal” back. I want to high five my new students and all our swimmers. I would like to be done with Zoom, lol, nothing against those who have faithfully stayed on with the Zoom Dry Workouts this whole time. I’m just done with computer screen interaction.


However, I know the grandparents and health compromised parents who are caretakers of many of my students, and they are the most at risk population. These are the people we are trying to protect. They are the ones who are checking in on the student’s grades or missing homework. They are the ones keeping the student in line at home, so they can succeed academically and have a successful life. They deserve our collective protection and efforts to prevent spread. For that, I personally lend my full efforts to whatever it takes to protect those most at risk of suffering the worst outcome of this virus.  


Presently, the interpretation of the order by the school district is we are ok to continue swimming. This is because we have successfully, especially DTAC, executed the mask, social distance, and ingress/egress parameters for safe practices. The school knows we are making great efforts in this area and it is recognized.


However, discussions are occurring within the district today, as there are all across the state to respond to the entirety of the June 29th EO. Our usage is subject to interpretation under points 1 and 4 of the EO. Point 1 deals with public organized events of no more than 50 people. Since June 1st, we have not exceeded 50 people on the pool deck at one time AND we have gathered with the directive of social distancing and masks on ingress/egress. Because of our relative success on distancing and masks we have already been successfully gathering under point #1.


Point #4 is more direct about pools, however CHS does not fall into the scope of description. Think of it this way. Every five lanes at CHS is proportional to a single privately owned pool. At that ratio and two per lane, we are gathering at a rate of 10 people per individual pool. I hope that makes sense. I believe there are those who could quickly find fault in the above rationale, however keep in mind we are all wearing masks and have established a recurring 6 feet of distance from each other throughout the facility. 


Please see the EO here  


Thus, per interpretation of points 1 and 4, our current masking/ distancing, and under the present permissions from district, we will continue swimming as we have been. 


Since we are approaching the next major “congregational” event, the return to school, I do not intend to have us go more than two per lane in the foresee-able future. Keep in mind the events that follow return to school are Labor Day weekend, Halloween, Thanksgiving, then Winter Holidays. All of these events raise the risk of community spread. For us to maintain our swimming functionality and stay safe, we need to remain on the pillar of two per lane. 


We need a renewed vigilance to signing up for your swims via Job Sign-Up. I’ve let my guard down a bit on this because we’ve held routine, however, this EO is a return to strict gathering numbers and we need to elevate our abidance to these protections. The sign ups help us plan, predict, and document usage. I will work on my diligence to deliver the weekly sign ups earlier. Please plan on holding something very similar to our present schedule through August 16th. There may be small changes here or there. 


Lastly, please know you will be notified immediately if there is a documented positive case within our team. Families who have had symptoms or a known proximity to a fellow person with confirmed/suspected Covid 19, have already self reported that to me and immediately executed a self-quarantine until a test was completed. This type of vigilance is a major component to successfully keeping our little world of swimming happening. Being able to do this requires the utmost respect and support to fellow teammates and members. 


Thunder is powerful because it is the manifestation of an accumulation of many natural forces. We can also be powerful with the accumulated forces of safety, respect, follow-through, team-manship, and positive accountability. We’re in this together, even when we’re six feet apart. Go Thunder!