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Summer Swim Camps!!!!

Hello Stingrays!  


We hope you are all safe and healthy.  If you have heard any rumors of the James Lemos Pool finally reopening, these rumors are correct!!!!  The city pool will be opening on Monday, July 6th for lap swim only.  Beginning on Monday, July 13th, the city will allow the Stingrays to hold a 4 week swim camp with very specific safety and social distancing requirements.  Please read through this ENTIRE message to make sure you and your swimmer will be able to adhere to the rules and guidelines prior to signing up your swimmer.


Age and Safety Requirements

  • Swimmers must be 8 years of age or older to participate.  This is a rule set by the city and we do not have any flexibility with this requirement. 
  • Parents WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON DECK.  Swimmers are to be dropped off prior to their group session.  Swimmers are to enter through the front lobby and quickly walk through the locker room to access the pool.  Swimmers are to come to the pool dressed in suits, ready to go.  Swimmers are to absolutely limit their time in the locker room.  
  • Swimmers must be able to independently place on their cap, goggles, fins, etc.  Coaches and other swimmers will not be able to assist swimmers in getting dressed.  If your swimmer is unable to place their own cap and goggles, make sure they are dressed by you before you drop them off.  
  • You may leave for the duration of practice, wait in your car, or wait outside of the fenced in pool area for your swimmer during practice.  Swimmers must exit the pool immediately upon completion of practice through the side gate out to the parking lot.  They will not be allowed to go back into the locker room to shower or change their clothes.  Promptly pick up your swimmer at the end of practice.  CARPOOLING WITH SWIMMERS NOT IN YOUR IMMEDIATE HOUSEHOLD IS NOT ALLOWED.  
  • Coaches are not allowed in the water with the swimmers.  Participating swimmers must be able to safely swim the length of the pool independently.  


Camp Sessions

  • Swimmers are to maintain social distancing between themselves and other swimmers at all times.  There will be one swimmer per lane and we will have 9 lanes available each session (so a maximum of 9 swimmers per group). 
  • There will be four swim sessions on Monday/Wednesday and four swim sessions on Tuesday/Thursday.  Swimmers may only sign up for one of these sessions (i.e. each swimmer can swim for 2 days per week, either M/W or T/Th).  This structure will allow us to accomodate as many swimmers as possible and still abide by the one swimmer per lane requirement.
  • Swim sessions will run from 8:00-12:00 and each swim session will last 60 minutes, with 45 minutes of actual swim time and 15 minutes to allow for safe transitions between the individual groups.  Older swimmers will be grouped earlier in the morning and younger swimmers will be grouped later (age breakdowns will be listed during the sign up process).
  • Swimmers must stay in this same group/time for the duration of the 4 week camp.  Swimmers will not be allowed to hop between groups week to week.
  • Swim camp will run from Monday, July 13th through Thursday, August 6th. 
  • The cost is $100 per swimmer.  This fee is nonrefundable.  Should the pool close due to COVID 19 concerns, we will be unable to refund the registration fee due to expenses that we have already incurred for the season.      
  • There will be no shared equipment.  Swimmers should come with their own goggles, fins, kickboard, and caps.  


  • This Sunday morning (at approximately 10:00), an email will be sent out with instructions on signing up for the swim camp.  Regsitration will consist of selecting a camp session through SignUpGenius, completing the waiver/liability form, and submitting the $100 required payment.  Payment will be via Venmo only.  We will not be accepting cash/checks/credit card payments.  Spaces are available for each session on a first come/first served basis.


Lastly, thank you for all of your patience.  We have ALL anxiously been waiting for our swimmers to get back in the water.  We have all been muddling through this, and life in general, trying to get our swimmers back in the water as safely as possible.  We are so grateful that our coaches are willing and able to put together this last minute camp for our swimmers.  Please let us know if you have any questions.