Please find below the mandatory steps required to swim at Parkwood pool this summer. Be sure to read and adhere to all rules or your child will not be allowed to swim. Sign in procedure with temperature check is required for contact tracing.

There will be NO discussions with coaches at the pool or in the parking-lot as we need to clear the facility before regular members enter. Questions for coaches may be emailed to [email protected] or text to 929-445-7443. If you need a more formal discussion use either method to request a teleconference meeting with coaches.

As a club, our main priority this summer is keeping our members safe and helping to ensure swimming will be possible in the Fall and beyond. If we relax now, next season could be lost.

We are very excited to be one of, if not the fist, nyc club back to practice, so we need to do it correctly. Please be patient with us this first week, as we get more comfortable with the protocol it will become second nature.

Thank you,

QNS Admin & Coaching Staff

Drop Off:

The Upper Parking Lot is Closed
Swimmers can be dropped off at the walking gate entrance on Arrandale Ave and proceed to the pool.
Cars can enter at the rear entrance to the facility on Wood Road
There will be security gates set up on the way to the pool. Only swimmers may pass these gates. They will walk up to the pool from there.
Parents may not stand in the upper parking lot to watch practice. The parking-lot is off limits.

Pool Entrance:

There are no parents or non-swimmers allowed in the pool facility.
Masks MUST BE WORN entering the facility.
Upon entering the pool facility your swimmer will check in.
There will be sign-in sheets that must be completed each day they swim.
At sign-in their temperature will be taken, if over 99.8 they will not be allowed in the facility.
At sign-in they will be asked and confirm they do not have symptoms of a cold or cough by checking off on the sign-in. If they do present any symptoms they will not be allowed in the facility.


There is NO LOCKER ROOM access. The locker room was boarded off by the facility.
There is NO SHOWER access. All indoor showers are blocked off.
Outdoor showers are available but may not be used to shampoo or soap clean, rinse only.
Bathrooms are open for emergency only.


On Deck:

There are deck chairs placed 6 feet apart on the pool deck.
Swimmers are to use a chair for their personal belongings.
One swimmer/One chair only.
Swimmers will wait at their chair until told to proceed to the pool to swim.
Kickboards, or markers will be placed 6 feet apart at the far side pool entrance.
When on deck preparing to enter the pool, swimmers must follow these distance guidelines.

Leaving Practice:

Swimmers will be told when to exit the pool and will go directly to their chair.
After getting their belongings swimmers will exit the facility and meet parents in the back parking lot.
MASKS MUST BE WORN exiting the facility.

The last group of each day will need to help remove the lanes from the pool. We will designate the swimmers to help each day. Social distancing guidelines will be followed while moving the lanes.