Weekly Mailer - July 6th
Happy Monday VJO Swimmers & Parents!
We hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July weekend! Yesterday we did our second open water swim at Lake Berryessa “Oak Shores”. Our VJO Swimmers have so much fun with the open water swims. It is great seeing them laughing and smiling again. Hopefully we can get another one set up again soon.
Please make sure to take a look at our Nutrition & Must Watch Videos sections. Have your swimmer read through these articles and videos as there are new educational articles and videos each week that we would like all of our swimmers to read and watch. Remember to keep up your workouts!
Pictures from July 5th VJO Open Water Swim (Lake Berryessa)
*Open Water Swim Recap
*Weekly Workouts
*Zoom Meeting Info
*Weekly Challenge “The 100 Challenge”
*Must Watch Video
*Nutrition Articles 
*VJO Face Mask Fundraiser
* Back to Practice Survey

July 6th-12th
Below are Coach Jennifer and Coach Maureen's Workout YouTube videos for this week. Coach Maureen and Coach Jennifer will be doing the 30 Min Body Weight HIIT and the 25 Min Full Body HIIT Video 4-5 times a week, the Ab Challenge Video 3-4 times a week and the 15 Min Post Workout Deep Stretch Video 2-3 times a week.
Flexibility: Make sure to keep focussing on your flexibility and stretching. New activities and workouts can tighten different muscle groups.  Make sure that you are stretching at least 2-3 days a week. Feel free to stretch more if needed.
Additional Cardio Recommended: In addition to the videos, Coach Jennifer goes for a 1 hour walk or bike ride each day with her dog and family. Coach Maureen also hikes with her dog Cali each day. What else will you do to stay active?  Make sure to find something you enjoy doing.
Workout Videos: 
  1. 15 Min Post Workout Deep Stretch

Starting this week (July 6th) all groups will be meeting in person for Dryland on Monday & Wednesdays. If your swimmer is not able to meet in person and would rather join their groups dryland workout via Zoom, just contact your coach and they would be happy to set that up. We tested out meeting in person last week with our older kids. The meetings went very well, we were much more productive and the kids had a lot more fun. We are confident that our in person Dryland Practice will go great for our younger kids as well.
*All Swimmers and Parents must social distance and stay 6 feet apart at all times.
 *Swimmers must wear a face mask. Swimmers will be able to take off their face mask when needed while exercising during the workout, but will put their face mask back on after.
*There will be NO SHARING of any items. 
*All swimmers please bring a water bottle and a towel or something to sit on. 
*Junior 2 & Seniors, please bring your rollers
Location: All groups will be meeting in front of the American Canyon Philip West Aquatics Center (100 Benton Way, American Canyon), then walking to one of the many nearby grassy areas.  Leopard, Mako and Hammerhead Groups will be doing their dryland in the grassy area behind the Boys and Girls Club.
Junior 2 & Senior Group  - 4:15-5:45pm
Junior Group  -                   4:30-5:45pm
Leopard & Mako -               6:00-7:00pm
Hammerhead 1 & 2 -          6:00-7:00pm
VJO Waiver - Mandatory
All swimmers must turn in a signed copy of the VJO Waiver prior to participating in a VJO Dryland Practice or any VJO event (Dryland Practice, Open Water Swim, Team Hike or Swim Practice). We recommend printing and signing this waiver at home prior to your first Dryland Practice.  If you are not able to print the Waiver at home, coaches will have printed copies available at the Open Water Swim. Only one waiver is needed. If you have already turne in a signed waiver you are good to go.

This week we have moved to in person Dryland Practices on Mondays and Wednesdays for all groups. If your swimmer is not able to attend the Dryland Practice in person, please let you coach know and we would be happy to set up a Zoom for your child to be able to participate remotely instead.
Coaches Contact Info:
Jennifer Thiem - [email protected]
Maureen Orr - [email protected]
Daniel Chavez - [email protected]
Brendan Kearney - [email protected]

WEEKLY CHALLENGE “The 100 Challenge- Week #2”
Again this week we are challenging our swimmers to do 100 squats and 100 sit-ups everyday. We want to see who can complete this challenge everyday this week totaling to 700 squats and 700 sit ups for the week. Please email your coach at the end of the week if you were able to complete this challenge. Last week we only had one swimmer complete the challenge. We hope to have more swimmers this week. We will announce the winners of this challenge next week. 
Last Weeks Winners:
Anna Efe


Below are three great articles for this week all about nutrition for swimmers. We highly encourage everyone to read them! The more education you have about nutrition, the better swimmer you will be.
Help support our team and order a custom VJO Face Mask!   The face masks come in 4 sizes (child, adult small, adult medium, and large adult).The elastic is adjustable for fit.  All face masks are made to order and limited edition. Cost will be billed to your VJO account on file.  These face masks have been made by our very own VJO swimmers and families. 100% of the proceeds will be going back to team. 
1 for $10
3 for $25 
6 for $50
PAYMENT: Cost will be billed to your VJO account on file.
ORDERING: Email and phone number are needed on all order forms. You will receive and email and or text when your order is ready for pick-up. 
PICK-UP: Orders can be picked up on the McQuilling Family porch at 829 Sutter Street Vallejo, California 94590
A Special "Thank you" to the McQuilling & Grant Family for creating and organizing this Fundraiser.
In the next couple days I will be emailing out a "Back to Practice Survey".   I  apologize that this was not able to go out last week. If we are able to start practicing on Monday, July 20th (or possible sooner now), which swimmers plan to get back into the water?  Water space and time will be very limited at practice as we will only be able to put 1-2 swimmers per lane. With this, we need an exact head count of which swimmers plan to get back into the water and when.  Please watch out for the "Back to Practice Survey" coming out in the next couple days.
We are all in this Together!
Make sure to take advantage of your time and get better at something each day.  
Keep up your workouts!
“Be so good they can’t ignore you.” - Steve Martin
Coach Jennifer Thiem
Coach Maureen Orr