Dave's notes July 24th - Camp 4 preliminary info

I am working on the logistics of "Camp 4" beginning on July 27th.

Here is a current list of swimmers who I believe  will be swimming between July 27-Aug 8th. (you can search by pressing ctrl f  and searching for part or all of your swimmer's name.

Please check the list....if your swimmer is listed but will not be swimming in the next two weeks, or is not listed and intends to swim in the next two weeks, please let me know immediately so I can make adjustments prior to dividing kids up into groups. Many will fall into the same groups they were in for Camp #3, however we have 4 kids outgoing and 9 swimmers incoming which means that the groups need adjustments to acommodate for the changes.

If you send me any changes by 10 am Saturday, I will finalize the camp groups and send the groups and times out by 1:00 or 2 pm


Notes for next session :   Next week will be very similar to Camp 3.  However the second week (Aug3-8) will include some changes. We hope to be moving 4 of the groups to evening sessions 2 from 445-535 and 2 from 545-7.  However Kroc corporate has not yet approved this, and will be meeting this coming Tuesday - at that point we'll know for sure If we have some evinging time back.

(part of the changes also involve availability of the Helix pool, since the high school related programs will be using the pool from 3 to 9 pm each day.

- - So the bottom line is that I will have week 1 schedule (of camp 4) put out tomorrow, but won't know the details of week 2 until late Tuesday or early Wednesday of next week.


Coach Dave