Safety Protocols

Safety Protocols

1. When you arrive, go to your designated entry to have your temperature taken by your coach. Proper social distancing is required before entering the building.

2. LAPS parents and carpool drivers: Like all groups swimming now, you may be asked to stay outside of the pool during the practices. You will be able to walk your swimmer up to the door, for sure; but, they are restricting the number of people inside the building for now. This is subject to change and each location will have its particulars. You can expect to hear from your coaches about your pool's requirements.

3. Swimmers will be spread out in the water. The coaches will have assigned lanes for each swimmer and we will swim with a maximum of 4 swimmers per lane (2 starting on each end). The swimmers will be required to keep their distance from each other while in the water.

4. No Dryland at the pool. For the time being, there will be no dryland during practice. We will still incorporate our Warm Up to Swim exercises.

5. Wear your mask when entering AND leaving the facilities. Stingrays have their own masks and you may purchase one (or a couple) by emailing We are requiring masks as we have families with high-risk households AND we share the public facilities with all ages and demographics. Training For Life includes caring for the physical and emotional well being of others...even if we aren't particularly in high-risk groups.

6. Use of locker rooms restricted to "potty breaks" and not prolonged changing, especially after practice.  Please come to practice with your suit on, ready to go!