Volunteer Hour Adjustment

Good afternoon Desert Thunder Families,

We have certainly been in a holding pattern for a while, but there are some shifts coming, at least attempts to restore small portions of the entire competitive swimming experience. One question I've left un-answered is the adjustment to the Volunteer Hour Requirement for this year. We lost two major competitions due to Covid, Starlight and JO's, which would have provided ample opportunity to work off all the 20 hours for this current year.

In all fairness to those that worked their hours early in the volunteer cycle, we have decided to delay the deadline to complete the volunteer hours, thus delaying the billing for un-served hours. We will not bill families for un-worked hours that had no opportunity to be worked. However, we also want to keep balance with the families that worked Spooky and Sweetheart earlier in the cycle, as best we can.

Presently, we are setting a deadline of March 31st, 2021 to work the volunteer hours. Under the ambitious circumstances, I am hoping we will be able to host some reduced or full version of Sweetheart, Short Course JO's, and bid for Senior State Open. All three happen in February and early March. If we can do so, there will be more than enough opportunity for every DTAC family to do their part prior to March 31st. Any un-worked hours would be billed on April 1st, 2021.

I am a realist, and it's questionable we will be able to return to full competitive schedule by end of short course. If we cannot provide enough opportunity to work the hours, we will push the deadline farther out. 

Many of you are curious about our return to competition in light of the current small meets that have started to occur. There will be a separate update on those.

Thank you,

Coach Bryan