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Fall Swim Update

Hi Stingrays!


We have had a very enthusiastic response for Fall Swim so far!  Session I is almost full....there are 3 more slots available in the 14-17 year age group for Tuesday/Thursday.  Session II still has a couple of slots available in most groups.  


In an effort to get as many Stingrays in the water as possible, and realizing that we have severe restrictions in how many swimmers we are allowed in the water per group, Coach Mariska is allowing swimmers to swim outside of their age group if that works better for your schedule or the age group your swimmer belongs is has already been completely booked up.  


Remember that at this time, we are only allowing swimmers to sign up for ONE session (1 or 2) and ONE group (MWF or TTH).  As we approach session 2, if slots are still available, we may be able to open those slots up for swimmers who have already swam in session 1.   


Please refer to the previous NewsSplashes for Fall Swim Info and Signup/Payment Information.