CHS Update: "Deep Sigh"

There's no reason to sugar-coat it. This is exasperating and we're in a very challenging situation. My initial verbal response was far less professional, and maybe a little more colorful.

Chandler Unified School District has made a blanket decision to close down all facility rentals, including the pool. From what has been gathered from reliable conversations, it is a move to protect the district's ability to provide for interscholastic athletics within the CDC, AIA, and ADE safety guidelines. While the merits of the decision are uderstandable, the manner of delivery, lack of warning, and absence of consideration for the co-existence of clubs and high school teams is unfortunate, to say the least.

The methods to reduce viral spread have robbed us all of space and proximity. When the limits of space and proximity are tested, then the limits of time are stretched. Without high school athletics, we have already tested those limits with the CHS pool, and now with high school athletics having the green light to begin in one week under social distancing parameters, there's very little room left within the facilities available.

How Long Is CHS Shut Down For Club Rentals?

We do not know. Meeting the benchmarks to allow students back in person is a significant step toward returning to facility rental throughout the district. Please don't ask me for an estimate, or to speculate... I'm not going to waste your time or mine doing so. We work with the facts immediately in front of us. This, presently, is an indefiinite closure.

Where Will DTAC Swim?

I have just submitted rental requests to the City of Chandler for Saturdays and Sundays through the first week of November. A few groups received a survey exploring a weekday 7 AM option, and we may have just enough interest to offer that. I'll expand the survey to other training groups tomorrow. We need about 16-20 swimmers to support a weekday 7 AM slot at one of the city pools. Getting weekday water is going to be an extraordinary challenge, but we're exhausting all our options. Truth is, we will be scattered as a club for a bit, but will return to CHS once rentals resume.

What About This Week, The Week of 8/17?

Until further notice we do not have any practices scheduled due to losing CHS. If the city request is approved, then we will have practices this coming weekend. Keep your fingers crossed that some more water opens up for weekday training.

You will start to see the first concrete scheduling come out tomorrow once the city has accepted our request.

Is The Swim Meet Happening Still on 8/22?

I'm sorry, but no. This is another kick to the gut because our small crew of officials were ready to support this and another parent had the idea of arranging a live stream since spectators were not allowed. We can't pull off finding consistent water for the foreseeable future under the greatest demand of the year and pull off a competition. We need to settle back into what will be our new consistent schedule and then try again.


There will be more details in the coming days. Thank you for your patience and understanding that not all questions can be answered and not all problems can be resolved in one fell swoop. I personally am very grateful for this group of families we have on the team right now. This is, by far, the greatest un-anticipated challenge of my personal coaching career. I have felt the wrath of un-reasonable parents under circumstances far less significant than this and you collectively have been the most graceful and deliberately complimentary group of parents I've ever had the pleasure to work with in competitive swimming.



Coach Bryan