Pool deck rules and important updates

Please read in its entirety!

As previously stated, participation has increased from summer to fall, and as a result our ability to social distance in our gated area has been impacted.  We must address this immediately and need the parents help to correct the situation.  Here are some reminders on parent and athlete expectations:

  • Anyone entering the gated area is attesting to information provided to us by Placer County clearly posted at our entrance.
  • Athletes should be ready to swim prior to entering the facility.  This means that if your child needs help with cap and goggles, the parent does this outside the gated area.
  • Upon entering, all athletes go to the right and parents go straight.  We are making a slight detour for parents to walk behind the small bleacher on the grass to avoid close proximity to swimmers and staff on the West side of the pool deck.
  • We highly encourage all parents to drop off and exit the pool area immediately.  Remain in your car, go for a walk, or simply stand/sit on the outside of the fence with line of sight to the pool if desired.
  • In trying to accommodate parents of our newer and/or younger swimmers, we do offer the bleachers adjacent to the large lane of the pool for one parent to sit.  All other family members should wait outside the gated area.  Please sit in those bleachers up off the pool deck and out of the way of our staff and athletes.  Always maintain proper social distancing!
  • Our coaching staff should not be approached on the pool deck with questions of any kind.  They are there to coach the groups, and answering your question takes away from the instruction for the swimmers in the pool.  Please email all questions to [email protected].

Please understand that if we cannot adhere to these rules,our next step will be to close the pool deck entirely, allowing only swimmers to enter the gated area.  We are trying to find some middle ground here, but cannot take the risk of closure because of a lack of adherence to these simple requests.  If you read this far, thank you.

And Yes, we are swimming today!

Brad Cooper

President - Rocklin Swim Team