Registration for 2020 season

Registration is now open for the 2020 - 2021 season.  Thank you for your patience through out this Pandemic.  With social distancing practices we had to split the groups. In the summer this is easy, but in the winter with our numbers being bigger, it was much more difficult.  At this time those who were on the team have spots to register, after September 21st we might have to fill those spots from the waiting list of swimmers interested in Spy.  We are hoping to get started  Tuesday September 8th and swimmers must be registered before they can train.  Please be kind and patient with the staff especially front desk!  I know when this Pandemic hit, many got very angry, even with me. My first thought was, I sure hope this isn't how we treat our staff when I'm not around.  Everyone is trying their best to provide the kind of service you and your swimmer deserve.  The YMCA trusted us to be the first program to start up, knowing that we were going to try to do our best with the social distancing.  Now that we are trying to move forward on a bigger level, we want the YMCA staff to know that we are leaders through this ordeal.  Many programs still haven't started.  Central Ohio Y's have no swim teams this year. There are only two teams in Michigan (Birmingham, and Farmington Hills) trying to move forward. The YMCA's of Central Florida are not having teams at the moment.  So we are very fortunate to have this opportunity to move forward.  I'm sorry getting registration took much longer than I could have imagined.  We are all going through this together.

Us coaches are excited about getting the opportunity of seeing and coaching your swimmers again. This season will look quite different compared to the past.  Let's make the best of the situation please.  Practice times and schedule will be posted. The front desk has a rough draft, but we are still catching things to make the social distancing practices work. Thank you again for your patience and hope everyone is healthy and well.


Coach John


enlightenedY Memberrship & SPY Program Fees MUST be completed IN PERSON at our Springfield Family Y's Welcome Center Online Registration can be completed by clicking on Start Registratio tab under SIGN IN or  this link