Sept update #1

You will get at least one more update some time this weekend.

Here are the basics:

The Kroc center is only wiling to give us 6 lanes starting next week (we had been using 8). They are, however, extending the amount of time that we can have those lanes.

So starting next week we will have 6 lanes starting at 3:30 pm. This means that most of the swimmers (not all) that were in groups DEF will be starting at 3:30.  We are aware that some will not be able to make it at this time. The ones who are unable to make it at 3:30 will be placed in a group that will go later.  So anyone in groups DE and F Please email coach Dave ([email protected]) and let him know if Yes __________can make it at 3:30, or  _____________ cannot make 3:30 practices, please schedule him/her for the later option. because we can't switch back and forth between groups, you won't have an option to go some days at 3:30 and some days later.

For other levels, we will be working out the particulars between the coaches tomorrow night. So keep you eyes open for more emails (and news posts on our website). - but other groups will go some time between 4:45 and 7:00.

One more thing, we are now allowed to operate under the county's "youth sports " guidelines instead of the camp guidelines, which gives us a tiny bit more leeway, like we're not specifically limited to 12 kids per group. Which means some groups may end up with 13 or 14 swimmers, since we usually have 3 -5 kids missing from a group on any given day (we're still going to manage the size so we don't put more than 4 to a lane).

Later this weekend, I will send a little more information about the youth sports guidelines as well as the practice changes that are necessary to fit the new 6 lanes we have been given.

And again (especially if your swimmer cannot make 3:30 practices) please email me if your were in any of DE or F to give me the info in the highlighted segment above.


Coach Dave