Sept update #2


Practices for September:

New lists here. As I mentioned last week, we have new pool space starting this week. Instead of having 8 lanes for 2:15 we have 6 lanes for 3.5 hours. We have made some group adjustments in order to make this work.

We do anticipate this as being our stable time for the fall. And the groups listed will probably not change much. (more likely we’ll see slight adjustments every 4 to 6 weeks instead of every 2.

We will have 6 lanes of 75 minutes, then 6 lanes for an hour and then 6 lanes for 50 minuites. The other big change is that we no longer have to operate under the county’s “camp” guidelines because there are now guidelines for youth sports. The main difference is that we are not limited to 12 per group, we just need to keep kids in groups. The limiting factor as a team under the previous guidelines was that with groups of 12 we sometimes had as few as 6 out of 12 show up, and rarely over 9 or 10.

Because of this, you may see groups grow to 13 or 14 kids, knowing that we’re not planning on putting more than 4 to a lane.

Here is the new listing of groups and times (there are 2 pages)


Air quality:

Obviously the fires have affected the air quality. At this time the “forecast” is in the good to moderate range. Swimmers with breathing conditions are urged to consider this. We will plan on lowering the intensity until we begin to see improvement. If there are health advisories go from yellow to orange or red, we will cancel some practices. We’ll notify you if that occurs.

Link to air quality forecast


-Coach Dave