Mantas Shop With Scrip Program

Mantas Familes,

Learn more about our Shope With Scrip program by clicking RIGHT HERE.   

Earn money to support Mantas Swim Club and help you pay for monthly practice and meet fees!

SCRIP RaiseRight Mobile App overview


Mantas Swim Club will split the total rebate 50/50 with participating Mantas family. You can check your family’s account (on ) at any time and see how much you have “banked” up.
You may use your half of the rebate money toward your swim fees! 


• These are the same “gift” cards as you’d buy at a “gift card mall” or at the store. 

• You set up a family account on and associate your account with Mantas Swim Club using our enrollment code which you can get from the Scrip Coordinator (Stephanie Otto: [email protected] ). 


Payment options: Click here to learn more about payment options  

1. “Prestopay”          2. Credit card  

Please note, we are not offering the pay by check option.  


*E-gift cards are sent directly to you immediately  

*Physical card orders will be placed once per month on the 15th.  

Please contact Stephanie Otto —Mantas Scrip Coordinator to get the Mantas enrollment code or with questions: [email protected]