DCST Downs Dolphins
DCST Downs Dolphins
            On Thursday, July 8, DCST defeated the visiting Woodstock Dolphins by a score of 441 to 252. This was the last dual meet of the summer season for DCST which went 4 – 2. As a team, DCST swam had a pretty good meet with 97 career best times out of a total of 225 swims for a 43% improvement rate.
            The following 35 swimmers did have a great meet with at least two career best times: Ty Ament, Marcus Bobo, Sadie Burton, Tyler Conklin, Tyler Crown, Erin Fidler, Madisyn Grever, Daniel Hein, Jason Johnson, Cokie LeBlanc, Sam LeBlanc, Katrina Lemieux, Michael Lorr, Julia Luo, Caroline Mackey, Spencer Mackey, Noah McGuire, Kyle Miller, Caitlynn Moon, Dylan Powers, Hannah Regan, Riley Regan, Charlie Roberts, Wyatt Romero, Bradley Ruetten, David Ruetten, Paul Ruetten, Jenna Runde, Ryan Schultz, Drew Seneczko, Andrew Tatum, Jaash Thakkar, Zeena Thakkar, Chad Thompson and Athena Ye.
            After each meet, the coaching staff picks two swimmers, one girl and one boy, as the “Big Dogs" of the meet. Big Dogs are not only selected on their performance in the meet, but the coaches also take into consideration the swimmer’s practice attendance, work ethic, team spirit and sportsmanship. For this meet, Riley Regan, age 12, and Tyler Conklin, age 7, were selected as Big Dogs of the meet.