COVID Waivers

Edited 11-3-20

If you have not, please email: [email protected] Request a COVID waiver. She will send one back pre-filled. Sign and send back. You will get a confirmation back. If you have more than 1 child you can put them all on one form, including yourself if you are going to ever volunteer. Just separate them all by commas.Just put the whole family it if they would ever need to be on deck for any reason during a meet.

According to Illinois Swimming they need waivers for these people. If you did just email me the confirmation you received and I'll forward.

Bradley, Babette

Bradley, Kip

Gao, Robert

Ma, Sally

McMurry, Olivia

Mesplay, Katie

Miller, Henry

Oatman, Tyler

Powers-Ege, Joel

Rauther, Hamzah

Regenwetter, Jake

Siena, Holden

St John, Anna

White, Ella

Wilson, June