Weekly Mailer
Thank you to everyone that was able attended our 2020 VJO Awards Ceremony on Saturday September 26th.  We had such a wonderful outdoor ceremony. It was great to see so many new and seasoned VJO families attending. We are so proud of all our VJO swimmers and all their accomplishments over the 2019/2020 swim season. We have such a hardworking and dedicated group of swimmers. Our coaches can't wait to see what they accomplish this upcoming year. Go SHARKS!  If you were unable to make it to the Awards Ceremony, you will be able to pick up your awards at the pool this week.  
We would like to give a special "Thank you" to Gigi Sapida and Jennifer Matteo for putting together and organizing this year's Awards Ceremony. They did a beautiful job. We appreciate all the time you spent to make this years Awards Ceremony such an amazing experience for our swimmers. Thank you!
If you were unable to attend our Awards Ceremony, you can pick up your awards at the pool.  The coaches will be handing the awards out during each groups practice time. Please see your coach. 
Thank You for Attending the General Membership Meeting!
Thank you to everyone that attended our Mandatory General Membership Zoom Meeting (Parent Meeting) on Sunday, September 20th. We had an amazing turnout!  Below is a current list of our board and coaches contact information. We would like to welcome David McQuilling and  Jennifer Pettit to our board of directors. David will be taking over the position of Vice President and Jennifer will be taking over the position of Secretary on October 1st.  We would also like to welcome our two new Athlete Reps to our Board. Thank you to Zak Raymond and Olivia Pettit for becoming our 2020/2021 Athlete Reps.
2020/2021 Board Members & Team Chairpersons (starting October 1st)
VJO President - Heidi Scharffenberg  [email protected]
VJO Vice President -  David McQuilling  [email protected]
VJO Secretary - Jennifer Pettit [email protected]
VJO Treasurer - Madelyn Cueva [email protected]
VJO Membership Chair - Blanca Prado  [email protected]
VJO Official’s Chair - Kia Kalama [email protected]
VJO Meet Director's - Joe & Gigi Sapida [email protected]  
Communications Chair -   [email protected]  
VJO Athlete Reps - Zakary Raymond [email protected] 
                       Olivia Pettit  [email protected]
Volunteer Coordinator - Melody Cannon, [email protected]
Swim-A-thon Coordinator - Sarah Melanephy [email protected]     
Event Coordinator - Jennifer Matteo [email protected]
Team Attire - Madelyn Cueva,  [email protected] &
                      MJ Caballero [email protected]
Zone 3 Athlete Rep - Gabriel Cueva - [email protected]
VJO Coaching Staff
Jennifer Thiem (Head Coach; Leopard, SR, Pre-Senior): [email protected]
Maureen Orr (Junior & Mako Coach) [email protected]  
Brendan Kearney (Pre-Senior & Masters Coach) [email protected]
Daniel Chavez (Hammerheads Coach) [email protected]
Angel Sapida (Hammerheads Coach) [email protected]
Alyssa Powell (Leopard & Mako Coach) [email protected]
If you were unable to attend the General Membership Meeting please contact Phil Grant at [email protected] or [email protected] and he can send you the recorded Zoom Meeting. 
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To help raise awareness VJO is selling Pink VJO Team T-Shirts and Pink Team Caps. The proceeds will be donated to a Breast Cancer Foundation.  Last year we donated $100 to the Pink Fund.  Let's meet or exceed that this year! The Coaches will be wearing these pink team shirts at practice and we invite you to do the same.  In the next couple of days an online rrder form will be emailed out.  Below are the item and price breakdown: 
Breast Cancer Team T-Shirt - $20
Silicone Breast Cancer Cap - $20
Latex Breast Cancer Cap - $15
Online Orders Due By:   ***While Supplies Last***
QUESTIONS: Contact Jennifer Thiem at [email protected] 
VJO FALL PRACTICE SCHEDULE (started Monday, Aug 31st)
H1           M/W/F       3:15-4:15pm
H2           T/Th          3:15-4:15pm
                Sat           8:45-9:45am ***Updated Time***
H3           T/W/Th      4:45-5:45pm
Leopard  T/W/Th      3:30-5:00pm  (dryland 3:30-4:15pm)
                 Sat           9:00-10:00am
Mako       T/W/Th      5:00-6:30pm (dryland 5:00-5:45pm)
                 Sat           9:45-10:45am
Junior      M/F           5:30-7:45pm (dryland 5:30-6:30pm)
                 T/Th         6:15-7:45pm
                 Sat           7:30-9:00am  ***Updated Time***
Pre-Senior (JR2) & Senior Group
M/F        4:00-6:15 (dryland 5:30-6:15pm)
T/Th       5:45-7:30am
W           5:30-7:45pm (dryland 5:30-6:30pm)
Sat         7:30-9:15am  ***Updated Time***
Masters (18 & Over Adults)
         M/F       5:30-6:25pm
         Sat        8:00-8:55am
*Swimmers in the Hammerhead Groups will swim one per lane. Swimmers in the Leopard, Mako, Junior, Pre-Senior, Senior and Masters Groups will swim two per lane
*All groups’ practice times include a 15 minute line up time at the beginning for symptom checks, temp checks and lane assignments.  Groups will line up along the side gate of the pool and then be escorted by their coach to the Main entrance. Please remember there is no shared equipment allowed. Swimmers must come to practice in their suits and with their own equipment
All VJO swimmers and families attending practice at the Cunningham Pool must read through our "Practice Protocol Procedures" PDF for Cunningham Pool.  We need all swimmers to know what to expect when they arrive for practice at the Cunningham Pool. The PDF will teach our swimmers the new protocol and procedures that we will be following at the Cunningham Pool.  These procedures are similar to both the American Canyon and Benicia Pool.