Mantas Swim Club UPDATE

Mantas Families,

Our swimmers have done a great job in the water these past couple weeks.  I am proud of how they are caring for themselves, their teammates, and the pool we are visiting.  I have heard from the Lake Crystal Rec Center and they LOVE having us in the water.  Thank you to the parents and swimmers for helping us accomplish our goal, giving our swimmers a place to train and improve, by being respectful of our surroundings.  

WELCOME to our new Mantas families.  I am excited about seeing new swimmers in the water.  In two weeks, I will host a New To Mantas Parent Zoom!  I will help answer any questions you might have come up with duirng the first few weeks of practice.  If you have them, chances are someone else does too.  Watch for an invite and please feel free to join me. 

I’ve had a few families ask about the possibility of competition this fall.  While there are very few opportunities presently, there are greater chances for competitions in the coming months.  Teams are learning how many teams and athletes each facility can manage at a time and are working towards offering opportunities.  We are unable to host our own competitions through at least January 1st.  The LCARC doesn’t have the ability to hold any sort of competition, and we are not allowed in to rent the space at Mankato East High School (our home pool for our “normal” winter meets).  I will continue to look for ways that we can compete, whether in practice or against another team.  Stay Tuned. 


Have you been involved with our SCRIP program?  You should be!  

Through the Mantas Swim Club SCRIP program, families order gift cards at face value (i.e. $100 Kwik Trip gas card), and e-gift card orders are sent to you immediately for less than the face value. Mantas Swim Club keeps the difference, or rebate, and that’s where the fundraising comes in! That simple, and painless! 

It’s easy, convenient and adds up!  The club will split the rebate dollars 50/50 with your family.  The family’s half may be applied to training fees or meet fees.  The other half helps benefit the entire club in many ways — equipment purchases or covering operating costs.

BONUS FEST is coming in October. Each weekend in October, a different lineup of brands go "on bonus" for Friday and Saturday only.  Take advantage of earning extra for Mantas Swim Club!  Here’s how:

You set up a family account on and associate your account with Mantas Swim Club using our enrollment code which you can get from the Scrip Coordinator (Stephanie Otto: [email protected]).  Payment options: Click here to learn more about payment options 

1. “Prestopay”

2. Credit card  

Please note, we are not offering the pay by check option. 

*E-gift cards are sent directly to you immediately 

*Physical card orders will be placed once per month on the 15th. 

*Mantas Swim Club will split the total rebate 50/50 with Mantas families. 

Please contact Stephanie Otto —Mantas Scrip Coordinator to get the Mantas enrollment code or with questions: [email protected] 

SCRIP RaiseRight Mobile App overview can be viewed here.


Thank you for being a member of Mantas Swim Club. Please let me know if you have any questions.  
Have a great week!
Alex Lindstrom
Head Coach
Mantas Swim Club