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Swim Equipment Reminder and Information
Hello Rocklin Swim Families,
Our Fall season is in full swing and we wanted to send out a quick reminder about equipment. Fortunately, swimming is not an equipment intensive sport, but the few items our athletes need are very important to their safety and performance. We have had many new families join our team this Fall, so hopefully this answers most of your questions. You can always start with our team Home Page ( Click on "Team Store" to see links to our preferred partners.
Where to Buy
  • This is the internet's largest swim retailer and a great partner with us over the years. You can get there through our homepage or go to:  Our landing page will take you directly to our preferred equipment. By entering their site through our link, a portion of the proceeds from your purchase will stay with our team.
  • Amazon: If you choose to use Amazon, we encourage you to set up a free Amazon Smile account. When you select your non-profit organization, you can select Rocklin Swim Team and a portion of proceeds will stay with our team.
  • Unfortunately, most independent swim shops have closed over the past few seasons. You may have luck locally at Dick's Sporting Goods. If you are in the Bay Area, Sports Basement stores have terrific assortments. They have all of your swim equipment needs, and always check their "grab bag" section for deals on swimsuits. It is not uncommon to see competition suits on clearance for under $15. The downside is that their closest stores are in Novato, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, or Berkeley. Sign up for their free Basementeers program to save even more. 
What to Bring (Mandatory)
  • Appropriate "competition style" swimsuit (not board shorts or "fashion" suits). You do NOT need to order the TYR suit listed on our website, any competition style suit is fine. Popular brands are TYR, Speedo, Arena, Nike, Dolphin, etc.
  • parent tip: unlike normal clothes, your child will never grow into a suit. The first time they wear it will be the tightest it will ever fit. It will only stretch out from there. If it is too big on Day One, it will only get worse.
  • update 10/11/20: For boys, a "brief" or "jammer" type suit creates less drag and helps your swimmer go faster with less resistance. While a pair of swim trunks or boardshorts might look cool, it acts as a parachute of sorts, and makes training that much harder when in the pool.
  • The best pair of goggles is the one that fits your child comfortably and leak free. If they have one that works for them, then you are all set.
  • If you need a place to start, our coaches highly recommend the "Speedo Jr. Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored". It fits most smaller faces well, is affordable, and the mirrored finish helps to protect your athlete's eyes from harmful rays. For larger faces and teens, the regular "Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored" is the larger model, and for evening or night swims you can find non mirrored and even clear lenses if you prefer. Popular brands are Speedo, TYR, MP (Michael Phelps), etc
  • Just because it says Speedo on it, that pair from Target or Costco is likely not the same quality as one from a dedicated swim retailer. If you were going to find one single item where you do not want to skimp on, this is it. The right pair of goggles will be comfortable, clear, and leak free. 
  • parent tip: when you find a pair that your athlete loves, buy a spare. If you have a spare, your original ones will never break. The minute you don't have a spare, well......Murphy's Law.
Swim Caps:
  • We are requiring swim caps for any swimmer with hair long enough to get into their eyes. Applies to all genders.
  • These are inexpensive and readily available at our retail partners
  • parent tip: If you would like a Rocklin Swim Team cap (and who doesn't?), we still have a limited number available for sale at the pool. Please email [email protected] to get yours.
  • update 10/11/20: This is a visibility as well as a hygiene issue. If your athlete's hair goes past their eyebrows, they must wear a cap when in the water. This applies to all genders.
Swim Fins:
  • By October 1, ALL swimmers must have their own fins. Fins can't be shared, and we can't loan out any of our spares.
  • The link to  shows our favorites. Sporti Floating Swim fins are great for the majority of swimmers. Popular brands are Speedo, Sporti, Finis, TYR, Bettertimes. 
  • parent tip: it is best to try on before you buy....a good fit can be a challenge using a sizing chart on the internet. If you can't try on, at least order early enough so you can return and buy an alternate size prior to October 1st. Better yet, order multiple sizes and try-on at home.
  • parent tip#2: all fins look similar. We highly suggest you write your child's name on these. 
  • update 10/11/20: All athletes are required to have fins, and all fins are not created equal. We have seen fins for body surfing and scuba/snorkeling on the deck. Swim fins are smaller, and have a foot pocket. They can also be cut down as needed if your coach sees fit. Scuba fins on the other hand have a strap around the back of the heel and are designed to be worn with booties. Wearing this type of fin for practice will cause blisters, they are too large, and can't be modified.
  • Even though our athletes are in water, they are still working hard and must remain hydrated.
  • Due to Covid, all water fountains are off limits. Please have your athlete bring their own water bottles.
  • parent tip: unless you want to add to our growing water bottle collection, please write name on bottle.
Additional Equipment: 3PM 13 & Over Pre-Senior and Senior group Only
What to Bring (Non-Mandatory):
  • We will continue to provide sanitized kickboards for all swimmers, but these can often be found for $10-20 dollars. If you are looking to hit a minimum spend to get free shipping, a kickboard might get you there. Again....we encourage you to write name on board.
Swim Parkas
  • When the weather gets colder (hard to imagine now), you will see many athletes with parkas to stay warm when out of the pool. These can be very expensive and are definitely not a requirement. However, you may want to keep an eye out for local deals. Craigslist, Amazon Marketplace, E-bay or hand-me-downs from other swim families are great ways to snatch up a previously-loved parka often for $20 or less.
  • parent tip: for our littlest swimmers, many families choose an inexpensive bathrobe to keep their young athletes toasty before and after practice. Target or Walmart usually have great inexpensive options as we head into Fall. Bonus points for Butterflies or Super Heroes.
  • Now that you have fins, goggles, towels, and water bottles, you will want something to carry it all in.
  • You can find mesh bags on from $5-10 that work great and allow gear to dry easily. A mesh laundry bag will also get the job done.
  • You can find amazing Swim Backpacks for $70 or more, or (parent tip), drag out an old backpack or duffle from the closet that will work just fine.

Thank you for your prompt attention. Please reach out with any questions to Aquatics Director Ryan at [email protected] or Coach Rob at [email protected].

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