JV swimmers and divers end a perfect season

JV swimmers and divers end a perfect season

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Junior Varsity swimmers from Minnetonka and Wayzata competed in a championship meet on Wednesday, October 13 at Plymouth Lifetime. The undefeated Skipper JV team won eight individual events and two relays.

In the opening 200 Yard Medley Relay, Minnetonka’s A team of Lauren Fiedor, Paige Olson, Abby Forsmark and Emily Harstad combined for a winning 1:53.62. The “B” relay of Erica Weeks, Cali Goetz, Hannah Musman and Ellie Kapeller were second swimming 1:57.36, and the Skipper’s “C” relay of Sascha Jameson, Phoebe Evans, Linney Schwantes, and Erika Daniels were third in 2:00.00. Anastacia Isbell, Tori Hostetter, Cyd Louie, and Hadley Herwig combined for a time of 2:03.17 and a fifth-place finish, while Susanna Patterson, Lenora McFall, Annika Ulbrich, and Hailey Ens finished seventh swimming 2:05.26.

Weeks headed right back into the pool, winning the 200 Yard Freestyle in 1:59.70. Harstad was third, just out-touching Vivian Van Holland in fourth as they swam 2:04.81 and 2:04.91 respectively. Teagan Schwantes placed fifth swimming 2:05.33, while Lillian Kowal placed seventh with a time of 2:09.24, Isbell finished ninth swimming 2:11.85, and Alexa Host was tenth with a time of 2:11.98.

Olson led the Skippers in the 200 Yard IM, placing second with a time of 2:21.99. Cali Goetz was third swimming 2:23.37. Amadia Molina Larson was fifth swimming 2:24.09; Ulbrich sixth in 2:24.20, Veronica Finucane-Tuccio eighth swimming 2:29.60, Jameson ninth with a time of 2:30.59, and Addy Stroh finishing in twelfth with a time of 2:39.95.

Kapeller won the 50 Yard Freestyle swimming 24.90, with Daniels in second, swimming 25.45. Hostetter placed fourth in 26.99, followed by Grace Lenk swimming 27.05 for fifth place. Herwig placed seventh swimming 27.66, while Patterson, McFall and Ens finished in tenth (28.81), eleventh (28.89) and twelfth places (28.99).

Harstad won the 100 Yard Butterfly swimming 1:00.59, followed by Musman in second swimming 1:00.95, and Ulbrich in third with a time of 1:02.61. Forsmark was fifth swimming 1:02.94; Evans placed sixth swimming 1:05.24; Kapeller eighth with a time of 1:06.31; Linney Schwantes tenth swimming 1:07.27, Finucane-Tuccio eleventh in 1:07.51, and Louie fourteenth with a time of 1:10.89.

Daniels won the 100 Yard Freestyle swimming 55.31. Fiedor placed second swimming 56.86, ahead of Ali Koch, who finished third in 56.99. Lenk was sixth with a 59.22. Host placed seventh swimming 59.38, Herwig placed ninth with a time of 1:00.81, Stroh placed twelfth swimming 1:03.21, and Ens finished fifteenth with a time of 1:06.92.

In the 500 Yard Freestyle, Weeks and Van Holland placed first and second, swimming 5:19.22 and 5:22.27. Teagan Schwantes was fourth swimming 5:38.79, while Isbell placed seventh swimming 5:54.33 and Kowal was eighth with a time of 5:54.53.

In the 200 Yard Freestyle Relay, Fiedor, Daniels, Kapeller and Harstad won with a time of 1:42.84. Lenk, Host, Koch and Molina Larson combined to swim 1:48.15 and third place, followed by Ens, Forsmark, Linney Schwantes, and Goetz with a time of 1:49.57 in fourth place, and Teagan Schwantes, Olson, Evans, and Van Holland swimming 1:50.73 for fifth place. Stroh, Finucane-Tuccio, Patterson and McFall placed eighth swimming 1:55.48.

Musman won the 100 Yard Backstroke with a time of 1:01.37, followed by Moline Larson in second place swimming 1:02.13. Fiedor was fourth swimming 1:04.61, with Jameson in fifth swimming 1:05.18, Linney Schwantes in seventh swimming 1:07.34, Louie in tenth swimming 1:09.10, Koch in eleventh with a time of 1:09.29 and Patterson in twelfth, finishing in 1:09.89.

Olson claimed victory in the 100 Yard Breaststroke, swimming 1:09.04. Evans was third swimming 1:13.68, followed by Hostetter swimming 1:15.83 for fourth place, Goetz in sixth place swimming 1:16.70, and McFall finishing eighth with a time of 1:20.73.

In the 400 Yard Relay, Minnetonka placed its four relays in the top eight, led by Moline Larson, Kowal, Koch and Weeks swimming 3:56.02 for second place. Lenk, Host, Teagan Schwantes and Musman combined for a third-place finish swimming 3:57.37, with Herwig, Ulbrich, Finucane-Tuccio and Van Holland swam 4:01.98 for fourth place. Hostetter, Stroh, Jameson and Louie finished in seventh place, swimming 4:11.87.

In diving, Ella Wander won the 6-dive event with 168.60 points, with Emma Anderson placing fourth (147.95 points), Vaessa Siegel fifth (132.75 points), Madison Thurnblom sixth (123.70 points), and Kelly Soetanto seventh (120.10 points).

Minnetonka will host 2AA Sections swimming on Friday, October 23 at the Minnetonka Aquatic Center.