Coffman meet extras

With everything that has been going on with Covid numbers, we need to be more alert during warm ups and before and after our races.  As soon as you get done with warm ups please return to the gym quickly. We can't stay and watch the next warm up session. We are moving timers meeting out of the pool area.  This way we can keep the numbers lower on the pool deck. In the big gym the event and heat (Scoreboard) is now working. So please don't show up into the pool real early for our races. I know this isn't how we've been taught in years past.  As soon as you get feedback from the coaches, then return to the gym quickly.  Remember we go to the blocks on the lifeguard side, and exit the pool on the locker room side. There are many things we did great last week but are still looking to improve on how we run our social distancing meets. Thank you for your patience, this has not been easy on any of us. We just want to continue with a great season, and want to be leaders in our community on making this work.