SCAT Updates

Greetings SCAT families!

We have just finished our Coaches Staff meeting and I wanted to reach out to keep you updated on our discussions.

First, thanks again for working with us and keeping our team healthy.  We have been able to add a few additional team members and look forward to adding some dryland practices in the future.  We will still socially distance, but we continue to work toward our original routines of training.

Team Meets – We have waited patiently on this and have been actively watching what other clubs are doing, what USA swimming is recommending and listening to what Georgia Tech is doing.

GA Tech is currently only hosting intrasquad meets and will next try to dual meets.  Therefore, we are not close yet to hosting any type of meets at this facility.


Chattahoochee Gold will be hosting a prelim/final meet on Dec 13-15.  We are hoping to attend this as our first meet and are waiting for the actual meet information.  Once we have this, we will have a better idea of how many swimmers they are allowing, how long the sessions are and what safety precautions they are implementing.  It is still critical for us to see precautions made for the safety of our swimmers and our coaching staff.  We will send an email as soon as we have the meet info so you can register online for this meet.  This will be the one and only meet for the remainder of 2020. 


Locker Rooms – Kedron has opened the locker rooms.  Swimmers are allowed to now change clothing in the rooms, but they still will require social distancing and no congregating.  Let’s be respectful of this and use the facility as quickly as possible so we can retain this priviledge.


Pick Up and Drop Off – Once again, as temperatures dip, we understand your swimmer may be waiting a few moments for their rides.  They are allowed to wait indoors to stay warm.  We again ask that we remain diligent in being good guests and drop off and pick up as close to your start and finish times as possible.

Bubble Installation - Scheduled for Dec 7th - Dec 18th - The pool will be closed so we will switch to either Zoom workouts or in person dryland workouts.  Details will follow next week.

Holiday Schedules

Thanksgiving – SCAT will have regular afternoon practice schedule on Monday and Tuesday the week of Thanksgiving.  National Development will have practice on Wednesday from 3:00-4:30 pm.  There will be NO PRACTICE ON THANKSGIVING DAY, but we will have regular practices on the following Saturday.


December Break – There will be NO PRACTICE Dec 24 & 25th or Dec 31 or Jan 1st.  We will send out the training schedule for the remaining days next week, but all practice schedules will switch to the mornings the weeks of Dec 21st and 28th.

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