Episcopal Meet Information

Episcopal Meet Information

Saturday and Sunday
November 14-15, 2020

Episcopal School of Jacksonville
4455 Atlantic Blvd
Jacksonville, FL

Heat Sheets


Warm Ups

Saturday and Sunday
8:00am (in water, arrive earlier for temperature check and set up) 
If you are wearing a tech suit in prelims or finals you must wear that tech suit to warm ups.  The locker rooms are closed to changing, just emergency restroom use.
REMINDER:  USA Swimming has banned the use of most tech suits for 12&Under competition.  Younger swimmers must have a stitched suit, not bonded suit.  If you have questions, ask your group coach.

4:00pm Warm Up


As usual, if you elect to wear a cap it must be a Loggerhead team cap.

Saturday – Blue Shirts
Sunday – Green Shirts


500 and 1650 Freestyle swimmers will need TEAMMATES to help count for them on deck.  Please find someone to help you and swimmers, help out your friends!  Don’t disappear on them.

Bring tents and chairs to set up on the Track next to the pool.  Weather should be good but bring warm clothes for morning/evening.

Lots of water and snacks!  Morning session will be around 4 hours long and evening a shade over 2 hours most likely.

See your coaches early for warm up and race strategy and after your event.

COVID Precautions

Temperature checks will be taken for all individuals (including parents).
No concessions stand – bring snacks and drinks for the meet.

Swimmers will enter and exit the pool on the block side of the pool as normal, but are asked not to arrive behind the blocks until one or two heats before they are ready to swim.
Loggerhead swimmers – a heavy rock inside a ziplock bag is a great way to store the mask between events in windy conditions.

Episcopal has a three swimmer per side limit.  When entering warm up and warm down lanes during the meet there can only be 6 swimmers in that lane.  Please be mindful.

***Episcopal School of Jacksonville requires Face Coverings for all individuals on campus***
This will include our tent city on the track.  Please parents and swimmers follow these guidelines.  We are trying to open up more swimming venues in Jacksonville, and this is the first club meet Episcopal has had this year.  Let’s do our part to help them have more.
Swimmers are excluded from the face coverings while warming up/down or racing.

Loggerhead will have an assigned area on the Track to set up tents.  DO NOT set up on Football Field.

Parents and swimmers will be allowed in this tent area on the track.  ONLY SWIMMERS, COACHES, and OFFICILAS WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE POOL DECK.  There will be a bleachers assigned to each team on the pool deck to hang out between events, however no tents will be allowed to be set up on deck so swimmers will still be encouraged to head to the track for long breaks.

Spectating can occur on the outside perimeter fence line of the pool deck.  NO SPECTORS ON THE FOOTBALL STADIUM.  DO NOT SET UP IN THE SCHOOL HALLWAYS.  If there is working WiFi Coach John will try and live stream.

Prelims/Finals Format

Circle Seeding in the Preliminary Sessions.  Only the 1650 is Timed Finals.

Top 6 from ALL age groups will advance to evening finals.

Loggerhead swimmers earning a Top 6 spot in the morning WILL compete in the evening (as instructed on sign ups).  We will not scratch from the finals session.

Check with your coach before leaving the meet in the morning to make sure you are not in the evening finals.  Don’t go by meet mobile as the final result.


Sponsors (Partners)