Weekly News (Nov 16-22)

Hello to all Panther Swimmers,

Please stop by the 50m pool to check out our new crop of PB Championship photos on the board. If you want to get your photo up there it is important to do two things: number 1; train hard and listen to your coach so that you will improve and number 2; sign up for the upcoming meets. We have four opportunities to compete before the winter break so make sure you are signed up for at least one.

For this week, please note that we changed the date of the black and gold meet to Dec 16th.  We have to cap this event at 150 swimmers, we are now at just over 120 swimmers…so sign up today!

For all event sign up opportunities, please see the list at the bottom of the email.



Important Notes:


ISB Swim Team expands to all year-round program: Summer Swimming here we come!

For those on the swim team that live in Bangkok all year round, finding a swim team for the summer can be a difficult task. Starting this coming summer of 2021, you will not have to look far. Our pool will be open and our coaches will be on deck. ISB swim team will run 12 months of the year!

How to sign up and other details will come closer to the summer months, we just wanted to get the good news out there!


Change of Date: ISB “Black and Gold” 2020: Wednesday Dec 16th

For this all ages event we will be splitting our team into two squads; Black squad vs Gold Squad. Entries must be in before Nov 31st and then we will pick teams. We have ordered special black and gold event swim caps for this event. So sign up today!



Meets to sign up for:


  1. Long Distance Time Trials (afterschool at ISB) Nov 30
  2. ISB Snowflake Meet (10& under) Dec 3rd Harrow and St. Andrews visiting
  3. ISB Black and Gold (all ages) Dec 16th after school
  4. Patana Christmas Cracker (National Qualifier) Dec 12/13


See you on deck!


Coach Day,