Good morning SCAT families,


As Covid seems to be spiking a bit once again, we wanted to reach out and explain how we are handling Covid within our team. 


First, I would like to thank the families that have been forthcoming with what is going on in their households. I see families taking the safest precautions of quarantining or refraining from activities if they are at all in question of sore throats or being in contact with others that have tested positive.


Just this week, we have had 3 families notify us that they are holding their swimmers back from attending practices, not because their swimmer had any symptoms, or tested positive, but because they MAY have been in contact with someone who tested positive.  This shows an incredible amount of respect for our team and athletes.  Thank you so much for your prudence and honesty.  We know how easy it would be to just send an athlete in these scenarios.


We understand the school’s policy of quarantining students if they have been in close contact with a student that tested positive.  The question has been raised what about the other family members?  If one student is quarantined, should the other family members quarantine also?


In an abundance of caution, considering our team members are in close contact in a lane we are recommending if ONE family member is quarantined, no other family members should attend swim practice either.


Therefore, our policy will now include:


If a family member has tested positive in a household, we ask that the swimmer in that household does not return to practice for 14 days from the known date of contact.


If a family member is quarantined due to being in contact with someone else who has tested positive, we ask that the swimmer in that household does not attend practice for 10 days.  We understand this one may feel a bit far reaching but we are trying to be as cautious as possible and respect everyone that is in contact with one another.


Lastly, if your swimmer has any symptoms, cold, flu, covid, sore throat, headache, slight cough, etc.  that they do not attend practice during these times. 


Once again, we are trying our best to remain open and available to continue practices.  We fear, like all of you, that it is hard to contain the spread while also wanting to remain open.  This is our attempt to maintain as much normalcy, be prudent and do our best in keeping everyone safe.


Thank you for being a team member and we wish all of you good health,

Denise Sturman on behalf of the SCAT Coaching staff 

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