Notes for this weekend and more

Dave's Notes for 11-18-20

Swimmers in Groups H and I, since the time trial this weekend was not intended for you, we will hold a mini unofficial time trial during your normal practice on Tuesday the 24th. Please bring 3 or 4 towels to stay warm and dry between swims. we'll have a few goodies for you, so make sure you come on Tuesday if you can.

Thanksgiving weekend schedule

All groups that are practicing at the Kroc center will have Thursday and Friday off. Groups ABC will have a.m. practices on Friday and Saturday times TBA.

December schedule:

There will be some changes to the schedules in December. I will send out those changes in the next few days.

This Weekend - Time Trial

For those signed up for the time trial this weekend, here's the info you've been wanting.......

First of all the meet venue was originally Rancho Bernardo HS - It was subsequently changed to El Cajon Valley HS.

So please make sure you go to the right pool.

Parent workers are allowed on deck, non worker parents must vew from outside the fence (there are a couple of pretty good vantage points including looking down on the pool from the top of the football stadium bleachers).

Special rules for this time trial:

All swimmers must wear a mask and maintain min. social distancing.

All swimmers / coaches / worker parents will have temperatures checked prior to being allowed on the pool deck.

All swimmers must have this form signed and turned in before entering the pool deck and must turn a new one EACH DAY (if you're swimming 2 days's you'll need 2 forms) /cast/UserFiles/Image/QuickUpload/si-covid-monitoring-form_074216.docx

There are 8 teams swimming each day and each have been given time slots between 9 am and 9 pm.

Our "on deck" time is set for 4pm on Sat and 12:15 on Sunday. We have only 80 minutes to complete our warmup and competition (due to the number of teams throughout the day). This leaves 10 minutes for Sanitizing prior to leaving. So A) be on time, B) come in your suit,  C) Bring a chair if you wish to have a place of your own to sit (chairs should be 10 feet apart). D) in order to cut down on the number of people using the bathroom, please rememnber to "go" before you leave home.

Staging time for temperature checks (again making sure physical distancing is maintained).......3:40 PM SAT, and 11:55 Sunday. Assuming they are running on time we will be done and off deck by 5:20 pm Saturday and 1:35 Sunday.

Meet Program Here . When looking at the program - the last event Saturday is event 7 (400 IM).

Last note: When I did the meet charges, I accidentally clicked the "Process now" button twice. The fee for the meet is $35 per swimmer total. One of the two charges will be removed or credited to your account for future dues.