Practice Groups for Wed. Nov 25th


PRACTICE Groups for WEDNESDAY Nov. 25th

Thank you to everyone who responded for Potential Combined Practices for Wednesday Nov 25th aka Thanksgiving Eve.

yesDue to the response wishing to attend, coaches can only safely combined practices for Development, Advanced, & Presenior Groups.

yesBeginner and Senior Groups will follow their regular practice schedule

enlightenedBeginner Group 3:45- 4:30pm (regular schedule) GROUP 2 ONLY    No GROUP 2 swimmers

enlightenedDevelopment Groups 4:30-5:30pm COMBINED 1 & 2

( Combined Group has reached MAX amount of swimmers)

  • Here are the Signed Up Practice Participants>

1.Derr, Olympia

2.Hill, Ellen

3.Jones, Aven 

4.Lee, Aubrey

5.Milam, Marlia

6.Stuckey, Allie

7.Shuping, Virginia

8.Hill, Elizabeth

9.Keyes, Ethan

10.Halpin, Brian

11.Carroll, Mason


enlightenedAdvanced Groups 6:15-7:15pm COMBINED 1 & 2

  • Here are the Practice Participants>

1.Clark, Aubrey

2.Lee, Madison

3.Pinson, Nathan

4.Collins, Samuel

5.Rastatter, Ivee

6.Young, Griffin

7.Shuping, Eliza

8.Young, Avery


enlightenedPresenior Groups 5:30-7:00pm COMBINED 1 & 2

  • Here are the Signed Up Practice Participants>

1.Wiles, Matthew

2.Wilson, Josie

3.Bruce, Stella

4.Lambert, Laina

5.Lotton, Griffin

6.Derr, Lola

7.Bennett, Emily

8.Scribben, Emilia

9.Spence, Evan

10.Narcelles, Bella


enlightenedSenior Groups follow regular practice schedule:

  • Senior 1 > 7:00-8:00pm
  • Senior 2> 8:00-9:45pm