Spy Invitational Postponed

This is hard to say, but we will have to postpone the Spy Invitational until January.  Ohio swimming just cancelled all meets until at least January 3rd,  So we will need to sit down with Paul and Stephanie to reschedule the meet. At this time we are still able to practice.  We have been in contact with Jason from Countryside for a week and us coaches kind of saw this coming. This is why we didn't beat the swimmers up in practice last week. This is why Countryside swam in tech suits.  They have also postponed ther meet until January.  

Now on a brighter side Jason did email us back stating how well everyone did with social distancing, wearing masks to and from the blocks, staying seated in the Conference room.  He also said that it was the fastest meet ever swam in the pool.  I want to commend our swimmers on their performance, abiding by Covid rules, but most of all having fun. The having fun is something that has unfortunately disappeared from the competition.  Every team took the Covid rules seriously which made it easier to have fun!!   If there are swimmers and parents nervous about in person meets, please reach out to some of the parents who were at this meet. I have reached out to many and have not had one negative response yet.  

At this moment it was awesome to race in person again.  Hopefully we can get back to this but as a team we have to keep pushing forward.  The times our swimmers have posted in November have been outstanding, and we can continue to keep pushing forward with a great attitude. If we dwell on this it is not going to be as easy to push forward and have those end of the season goals.

Coach John