November Time Trial Review

We had a tremendous weekend of racing this past weekend! For our swimmers in Pursuit, Typhoon and Tsunami our swimmers had their first chance to post official results this year and it was incredible how fast everyone was at this point of the season! Swimmers in Swim Academy and Monsoon were amazing at their first big racing opportunity as many of them competed for the first time and everyone swam a lot of races each session!

It was so fun to see the athletes in Swim Academy experience a swim meet environment. Anya, Rohan, Chelsea, Pippa and Bianca all swam 25m and 50m races for the first time. This group enjoying the process of learning fundamental skills that will lead to success. It is often hard for swimmers of this age to takes those skills into racing because of their enthusiasm for the moment. It was impressive to see this group transferring their skills from practice into their races. They had really strong streamlines and dolphin kicks to start every race! Their effort on racing the second 25 of their 50m events was really inspiring!

The Monsoon swimmers also had countless firsts over the weekend with everyone racing new events in their full racing schedule. Zoe, Vincent and Nika all raced the 50m Butterfly and 100m Freestyle for the first time and were incredible in their 100m Individual Medley swims! These events are important steps towards racing the 200m Individual Medley, which is the big race for qualifying to swim at LMR (Lower Mainland Region) swim meets. Lily has shown in practice that she was ready to race the 200m IM and swam the event on her own to start the Sunday session. Lily was incredible! Showing great push-offs, long strokes and racing throughout all four strokes in her 200m IM and had an incredible time of 4:23.01 which is a really big accomplishment for her first time!

Another two impressive parts of Monsoon’s performance was taking skills we have been focusing on into the meet. Their turns and underwaters were awesome. Secondly their enthusiasm and competitive spirit each time they got in the water was great.   

Our Tsunami swimmers were impressive with their attitude and focus throughout the swim meet. Garrick, Emma, Phillipa and Mia all raced the 400m Freestyle for the first time, maintaining great technique and big efforts throughout the race! The swimmers really pushed each other to big best times by being aggressive early in their races and then working to maintain their speed while racing each other in their events! It’s a great way for everyone to get to new best times!

The swimmers in Typhoon really showed their potential as they continue to develop the skills necessary move to the next level of their racing! The new big event for everyone was the 800m Freestyle, a challenging mental hurdle for the swimmers but everyone did a great job racing the event with everyone right on or under their best 400m times in the event! Congratulations to Claire, Saige, Stella, Brooke, Ally, Sarah and Atria for getting the event under their belt! The group as a whole has really taken a step forward with their training over the past few months, it really showed with the huge number of best times, led by Addy, Ally and Marcus who all set new bests in every event! Many of our swimmer’s best times are from championship meets and it is hard to step up to that level of racing without the same atmosphere. This group is moving towards qualifying for SwimBC Divisional Championships and we had three swimmers get their first times. Claire raced to her time in the 100m Backstroke, Saige made her time in the 50m Breaststroke and Brooke had a great second swim to race under the standard in the 200m Backstroke!

The swimmers in Typhoon and Pursuit really took advantage of the ‘heats and finals’ set up with racing the same event on each day of the meet. A few swimmers did a fantastic job of making adjustments from their first swim to improve their next time off the blocks. Henry had a solid 200m Freestyle on Saturday with a best time and then took off four more seconds with a great second half on Sunday for a very fast 2:06.27! Olivia had big improvements in all of her second swims with much better strategies in her 200m Butterfly, 100m Breaststroke and 100m Butterfly! Brooke tidied up her middle 50s to change her 200m Backstroke from a solid first swim to a new time standard! Ally kept her stroke rate up in the third and fourth 50s to break 2:30 in the 200m Freestyle on Sunday! This is a big skill for our swimmers to learn as we prepare for the return of swim meets with heats and finals. It was great to see the swimmers listen to feedback, focus on making the changes in warm-ups and then implementing the changes in their races.

Pursuit swimmers were very solid through the meet, showing their experience and racing at a really high level for this time of year. Tristan was fantastic, with huge drops in all of his events which led to setting new 14&under club records in four events, 200m Freestyle, 800m Freestyle, 50m Butterfly and 100m Butterfly! He also hit two big milestones breaking 2:00 in the 200m Freestyle and 1:00 in the 100m Butterfly while narrowly missing beating 9:00 in the 800m Freestyle by .54! Henry added the 200m Freestyle and 100m Butterfly to his events at SwimBC Divisonal Championships and keeps taking off time with his hard work in practice and aggressive racing! Nicole raced to her best 200m Freestyle time which qualified her for the event at SwimBC Divisional Championships!

This was a great meet for our team. We will continue to focus on racing skills before we have two more team time trials in December – Saturday, December 12 for swimmers in Typhoon, Tsunami and Pursuit and Saturday, December 19 for all groups!

100% Best Times
Anya A, Rohan C, Zoe D, Garrick G, Vincent G, Addison G, Tristan G, Chelsea L, Phillipa L, Alessandra M, Pippa M, Bianca R, Lily T, Marcus Z, Mia Z

75%+ Best Times
Henry B, Claire D, Saige F, Stella H, Emma J

New Team Records

13-14 Boys
1:59.33 – 200m Freestyle – Tristan Govier (was Aidan Smith 2:02.69 2017)
9:00.54 – 800m Freestyle – Tristan Govier (was Josh DeCoteau 9:13.39 2019)
27.42 – 50m Butterfly – Tristan Govier (was Aidan Smith 29.08 2017)
59.84 – 100m Butterfly – Tristan Govier (was John Hollands 1:03.88 2013)

New Time Standards

SwimBC Provincial Championships
Tristan Govier    50m Freestyle

SwimBC Division Championships  
Henry Brewster                 200m Freestyle, 100m Butterfly
Claire DeCoteau                100m Backstroke
Saige Fiorvento                 50m Breaststroke
Brooke Johannson           200m Backstroke
Nicole Jones                       200m Freestyle