Good news - Bad news for time trial

First before the news....If you have not already done so....please print out and sign 2 covid forms now, (obviously if they don't meet the temp requirement - keep them home), and put them in your swimmers bags - or tape them to their car keys, so they have thier forms. They need 1 form each day.

The good news - The time trial will still occur as planned for the swimmers

The bad news - no parents, no observing, no timers, no deck marshalls, etc. If parents show up and refuse to leave, their swimmer will be removed from the event. Sorry about that guys. outta my hands.

Here is the form letter composed for teams to send out to the families, all I did was bold a couple spots.


Letter for Teams:


As this week has progressed, the COVID19 situation has continued to get worse in the San Diego area and we have received a large amount of updated guidance from the state. Therefore, the LSC time trials have been reconfigured to ensure the safety of the swimmers, families, coaches, and officials.


What does remain the same is that our swimmers will be able to get times in the races that they signed up for during the time frame that you have already been told. Swimmers will still be required to follow all mask wearing / social distancing requirements that have already been reviewed with them.


What has changed:


  1. There will be no spectating allowed. This includes outside the fence. An LSC official will ask parents to leave if they are standing or congregating in view of the pool. If a parent chooses not to leave; the swimmer will be required to leave the site and not return.

  2. Volunteer timers and marshals from the teams are not needed.

  3. USA swimming officials will be there to ensure legal swims and timing pads will be in the water.

  4. A dedicated USA swimming official will enforce all public health guidelines.

  5. Coaches or another swimmer will be lap counters for the 1650

  6. One team mate will count for each swimmer in the 500.


We realize this is short notice and you may be disappointed in being unable to see your swimmer do what they love. However, we are grateful to our LSC for their efforts to get swimmers’ times under incredibly difficult circumstances. More than 25% of the LSC are currently unable to compete and / or practice and we are fortunate with the situation we have.


This may look different but is still a fantastic opportunity for your swimmer to have some great times.