Current practice status with new Covid order

Many of you are wondering what does the new COVID order mean for CAST and practices. The short answer is that it does not currently affect us. Pools are allowed to remain open, and as long as the Kroc center and GUHSD keeps theirs open we will continue to practice. We do ask that people be hyper vigilant in our protocols, and make an extra effort to keep at least 6 feet apart from non-family members when at/ around the pool.

A coach that I spoke with this weekend who consistently communicates with coaches across the country mentioned thta he is not aware of any COVID outbreak in the country that has been connected to transmission by swimmers in a pool.

As always, if a swimmer or a household family member has known contact with anyone who tests positive, they should quarantine themselves until there is certainty (appropriate time off + negative test) that they have not contracted it before returning to the pool. Any fever or other symptoms, should also be followed up  by taking extreme precautions before returning to the pool ( time off with a negative COVID test at the end of that time).

We thank you for your continued efforts, and we will keep you updated if anything changes.

As always, if at any time you feel the need to take time off in these uncertain times, we fully respect and support that decision. Our general policy is that we continue to charge dues unless you take 2 or months off, but in these times - things are different, so if you need to take a month off. Just let the treasurer know. (we will still keep the policy of charging dues for any calendar-month(1st-30/31st) a swimmer is in the water).

-Coach Dave

Here a letter from the LSC (Local Swim Committee) chairperson (it was sent to teams so we could forward them to our pool operators):


All --
In case any of you need to have conversations with your facility managers, here are some helpful areas to have available to share and / or read through:  
1) Swimming pools can remain open: 
In the Q&A section of the state website, there is a specific section on outdoor pools are "ok" to stay open.    Addtionally, drowning prevention classes are still allowed both outdoors and indoors.   Also, within the outdoor recreation section, the pool section has not changed at all.   As always, it will be up the facility to decide if it safe to continue operating and as I'm sure you are aware, there are other counties in California that have closed all pools down and many school districts across the state have also stopped swim teams coming in. 
2) Youth sports guidelines are the same: 
That means that stable "cohorts" of kids can continue working out providing appropriate social distancing / mask wearing / safety protocols are followed.    As a matter of caution, you should ensure that the travel advisory / restrictions now listed are included in any daily check form you may be using.  
3) Gathering:  
In the actual order, there is definition of gathering (see page 3) and is says it is not allowed except for conducting essential activities while uner the regional stay at home order is in place.
For right now, it seems clear that you should be able to keep your kids swimming if your facility operator agrees to stay open.   As far as youth sports time trials continuing, I am going to call USA Swimming tomorrow to get their input into the risks given how the order is written.  Based off previous orders, I am sure over the coming days more specific guidance will be given and things will continue to evolve. 
Given what happened in March and subsequent 3 months of pool shut downs, this is a much better place than we could be.   All the work that you and your teams have done to follow the guidelines and keep everyone safe have allowed this success.   Additionally, the petition that a huge number of you and your families signed helped tremendously as the parent of the girl (mom is Lisa Blackwell; daughter was Madison Blackwell) has worked tirelessly at the state and local level to plead our case for outdoor pools being safe.  
Please stay safe as we get through this really difficult time with the pandemic.