2020 Year In Review

Dear Loggerhead,

We hope that you are all enjoying your time with family and loved ones and welcoming an end to 2020.  This year has certainly been challenging on many fronts for us as a swim team and in our individual lives, but we are proud of the accomplishments our swimmers have achieved through this challenging time.

We ended the 2019-2020 season ranked 139th in the country (Loggerhead’s highest ranking ever) and 5th in Florida Swimming.  Currently, in the 2020-2021 season, Loggerhead is ranked 70th in the country and 4th in Florida Swimming. 

Our Senior Program was able to participate in Florida Virtual Championships, a four site meet between Florida Swimming and Florida Gold Coast Swimming, in December.  Loggerhead came in 6th place overall in the meet.  Our Age Group Program participated more locally with the IMX/IMR Meet in Daytona Beach which challenged our swimmers to a full event schedule to finish 2020!

Our senior class of 2021 continues to send in commitments for their continued collegiate swimming career.  Right now, we have the following commitments to announce:
Brooke Arnold – Florida State
Jenny Bird – Florida State
Ashton Cardinal – Lynn
David Gapinski – Georgia Tech
Haley Harris – Naval Academy
Amelia Kondal – Rollins
Ty LaRue - Thomas
Dominic Miller – Florida State
Michael Panariello – Florida Institute of Technology
Five more of our seniors are still in talks and undecided on their final destination.

A big thank you is in order to our coaches for their hard work through 2020.  Coaches Eric, Evan, Jill, Matej, Skye, and Heather, thank you for all of the extra work and flexibility through our challenging schedule.  We are also excited to announce the addition of Zach Dingfield to staff.  Zach will be assisting primarily in the Senior and Olympic Development programs.  Zach is a graduate (and swammer) from Gardner-Webb University and is a Jacksonville native. 

Thank you to our parents and swimmers for their patience through 2020.  We are not out of it yet, but we are hopeful that in early 2021 we can start to adjust closer to our usual way of life and practice.  Currently, in Florida Swimming, adjustments have been made for smaller Spring Championships.  FLAGs and Senior Champs have been split to a North/South meet trying to cut the number of athletes in half.  Both of our meets will be held at the Rosen Center (formerly the Orlando YMCA).  As the disclaimer, things may change based on how things are going in the world, but the plan is to have these meets at this time.

Our practice schedules in 2021 will remain mostly the same.  We have a few changes in Senior and Olympic Development 3 on Wednesdays but that will be emailed out to those affected directly.

We encourage everyone to continue to stay motivated and hungry.  Train hard, continue to hone your skills, and you will come out way ahead after this 2020 year.

Have a great weekend and we look forward to being back on deck Monday!

Coach John

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