December 7, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Surfside Board Meeting Minutes

December 7, 2020

6:30 - 7:30 pm


  1. Call to Order
  2. Presidents’ Report – Case Spencer
    • December Letter to Members drafted
    • Sent out CANRA notice from the state of California to Board members and coaches
    • Registration for Surfside’s USA Swimming Team registration is due this month.
    • Board Members are required to become USA Swimming non-athlete members and register online.
    • Swim team party is not feasible this year due to COVID.  Regular approval of the Board will have to be postponed when we are able to meet again in person (unless we hear that a significant number of members will take issue with the postponement). 
    • No news from Redondo Beach Unified as to when their pool will reopen.
  3. Head Coach Issues – John York
    • Absent
  4. Meet/sign up coordinator – Drew Davidoff
    • 13 slots per workout.  Some parents sign up right away and then withdraw.  Penalties for not showing up were proposed.
  5. Treasurer – David McDaniel
    • Financial Summary status - need to increase fees (beginning 1/1/21) to $20 per workout to account for running at a loss during the increased COVID restrictions.
    • Delinquent accounts status
    • Monthly reimbursement status
  6. Membership - Kelley Mayeda, Michelle Brill
    • Activity and swim meet fees for next year will not be collected but USA Swimming Membership and administration fees will be collected this month.
  7. Secretary - Eileen Brown
    • Will take over meeting minute responsibilities.
  8. New Business
    • Meeting adjourned.