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Pool Area Protocols

Swim Parents:

Please remind your swimmers of a few of our expectations from when they arrive at the pool to when they exit:

  • Enter only through the gate near the parking lot
  • Exit only through the gate at the top of the stairs near the basketball courts
  • Try to arrive no more than 5 minutes before clinic start time
  • Depart as soon as clinic is over
  • Wear a mask and social distance prior to / after entering the pool
  • Bathrooms are for emergency use only
  • Do not share swim equipment or water bottles
  • Grab a sanitized kick board at the entrance, place used kickboard in bin before exiting up the stairs

Our instructors will do their best to help enforce the rules, but their primary job is to keep their eyes on the pool and maintain in-water safety measures.

Thank you all for your continued help with keeping this program safe and running smoothly.