Surfside Board Meeting Minutes


Surfside Board Meeting Minutes

January 4, 2021

7:00 pm

  1. Call to Order
  1. Presidents’ Report – Case Spencer
  1. Coaches are concerned for their health and want to stop taking temperature checks before workouts.
  • Since Surfside began temperature checks in September, no swimmers have been turned away because of elevated temperatures.
  • Coaches are not sure the thermometer is accurate. Often many swimmers get the same exact temperature.
  • No other local aquatics programs are taking temperatures any longer (including the Trojans who also practice at Mira Costa).
  • When parents sign up their swimmer, they are confirming that their children do not have any Covid symptoms. (Many emails have gone out to members reminding them of our protocols.)
  • President will inform the City of Manhattan Beach that Surfside has revised its protocols.
  1. President spoke with Coach John about bringing coaches back.
    • It is good to have different coaching styles as well as have substitutes available in case one coach gets sick and needs a replacement.
    • Surfside needs to have all three coaches ready to return when we are given more pool time. They will need to get their annual credentials up to date before returning. As soon as all credentials are current with USA Swimming, the Board is considering providing contract renewal bonuses (which can be used to help cover training costs if they so choose).
    • Coach salaries will need to be adjusted depending on amount working. President will request a current coaching schedule to see hours on deck and which coaches are working.
    • President is going to draft quarterly contracts for coaches.
  1. Head Coach Issues – John York
  1. Absent
  1. Membership - Kelley Mayeda, Michelle Brill
  1. November and December dues will be coming in soon.
  1. Treasurer – David McDaniel
  1. A large bill for USA Swimming will be coming soon.
  1. Meet/sign up coordinator – Drew Davidoff
  1. Will continue to do practice sign ups the same as before our break.
  1. Secretary - Eileen Brown
  1. Nothing new.
  1. New Business
  1. Meeting adjourned.