WZ Virtual Diversity Equity & Inclusion Combined Camp-Summit Now Moved to August

The Western Zone Virtual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion new combined camp and summit has been moved to August with the exact date to be set soon (most likely August 14 or August 21). It will be a one day zoom event.  

A new application period will open soon and the link to apply can be found here and on the Diversity and inclusion page. If you have any questions please contact Susan Huckeby.

NEW - Combined Camp and Summit Application 

Application Due Date: To be announced

Cost: To be announced -- paid by Montana Swimming

Number of perosns who may attend: 4 athletes and 4 adults may attend the event (may be subject to change).

Age: 13 -16 years of age at the time of the camp

Contact Susan Huckeby for more information.


Goals: Instill a vision of success and inspire athletes from under-represented populations to become leaders in the sport of swimming.

To empower athletes from ethnically underrepresented populations, those economically disadvantaged, and LGBTQ+ and their coaches to:

1. Demonstrate the viability of inclusiveness in swimming within their local LSC.

2. Achieve performance excellence at every level of the sport.

3. Expound the benefits and value of participating in the sport of swimming.

4. Be positive leaders and role models that others from socioeconomic backgrounds can emulate.

5. To connect, network, and promote the virtues of the sport of swimming through a comprehensive strategy involving the athletes, coaches, and LSC Diversity Chairs in their own local LSC’s and throughout the Western Zone.

Site: Due to the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 WZ DEI Select Camp will be hosted in an online format via Zoom.


If, after the deadline, there are openings available for additional swimmers, the alternates submitted by each LSC will be considered to attend the camp. 

Preferred Qualifications: Athletes must have an "A" time in one or more events in any course either as a 13-14 or as a 15-16 year old athlete. Designate the time standard achieved and age on the application.

Secondary Qualifications: If an LSC has no athletes apply who meet the preferred qualifications then the LSC may select athletes who have qualified in at least one individual event in their local LSC championship meet in either SCY or LCM seasons.

Additional Information: If an athlete has attended a previous in-person Western Zone Diversity and Inclusion Select Camp or a USA Swimming National Diversity Select Camp, the athlete may not attend this Western Zone DE&I Select Camp. An athlete may attend only one in-person Western Zone Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Select Camp.

Attending this virtual camp will NOT bar an athlete from attending a future in-person camp.


Application: To complete this application you will need your USA Swimming registration number, qualifying event information [event distance and course (SCY or LCM), qualifying time, time standard, age when time achieved, meet where time was achieved, date/LSC of the meet and USA Swimming Power Points], your IMX Score, a written personal statement of 150 words or less and a parent/guardian's signature. 

Application Deadline: In order to be considered to attend, individuals must submit their application to Susan Huckeby by by no later than (date to be announced). 

Summit Schedule:
Schedule: The summit program will include a combination of educational, networking and strategic planning sessions, along with some optional social interaction time.  

Application Due Date: In order to be considered to attend, individuals must submit their application to Susan Huckeby by no later than (date to be announced).