January Time Trial Recap

Great racing early in the new year for our swimmers this past weekend. We had 24 swimmers take part in two sessions of Time Trials. The swimmers in Monsoon and Swim Academy raced to a lot of first time events and continue to become more comfortable in the racing environment. Our older swimmers in Pursuit, Typhoon and Tsunami had a very challenging session as they raced 3-4 times within their practice time. The swimmers really stepped up though racing to best times in over half of their swims, including new time standards, team records and a few first time events!

Our Monsoon swimmers had a big focus on the 200m Individual Medley with Cameron, Calais, Zoe, Vincent and Nika all racing the event for the first time! They did an outstanding job, it’s so great to see how they are consistently doing their streamline dolphin kicks off each wall to set up each length. This is a big event for our Monsoon swimmers as breaking four minutes is the time standard to qualify for Lower Mainland Regional Meets against other clubs. Cameron came very close, clocking in at 4:05 with an incredible swim! Congratulations to Pippa and Evan who both raced their first 100m Individual Medley, which is a big first step towards racing the 200m event!

It is always great to see our Swim Academy swimmers take part in our time trials. They learn so much from each one, become more comfortable and ultimately more aggressive in their racing. You can see a big difference over the past few months, now they know what to expect and they’ll be ready for bigger competitions once we are able to compete against other teams. Anya and Pippa both broke a minute for the first time in their 50m Freestyle events, a big milestone! Pippa also broke a minute in the 50m Backstroke with really strong kick and body position throughout her race! Anya completed her first 50m Backstroke and is really starting to reach farther in all of her strokes! Chelsea’s strokes are really coming together with so much speed out of the start in her freestyle and backstroke events! Holly raced in her first time trial after joining the team in January, so fun to have her setting her times and figuring out how it all works!

Typhoon swimmers really stepped up at the Time Trial and through a week of racing to qualify more events for SwimBC Virtual Divisional Championships that will take place March 1-6. As a group the Typhoon swimmers went from six qualifying times to 19 times with six swimmers racing to 13 new standards! This is a big step for the group as they transition from the old SwimBC Tier 1 Championship format to the new SwimBC Divisional Championships where swimmers can only compete in the events that they have the qualified in. Congratulations to Claire (50m Freestyle), Stella (200m Backstroke, 50m Breaststroke, 100m Breaststroke), Brooke (50m Butterfly), Ally (50m Freestyle, 50m Butterfly, 100m Butterfly), Atria (50m Freestyle, 100m Butterfly) and Marcus (50m Freestyle, 50m Breaststroke, 50m Butterfly)!

We had so much incredible racing that resulted in really fast best times that didn’t result in Divisional Championship time standards. So often we are focused on specific times that it becomes the deciding factor on how to feel about a race. It is great to celebrate these breakthroughs, the times are there to motivate swimmers, but there is always another time standard to aim for. After you get to your Lower Mainland Regional time standard there are LMR Championships times, then comes SwimBC Divisional Championships, after that is SwimBC Provincial Championships, then Canadian Western Championships, then on to Canadian Junior Championships, Senior Championships and Canadian Trials. From there swimmers start looking at National Teams, World Rankings, and so on. So take time to appreciate the improvements along the way.

A few races from Tsunami, Typhoon and Pursuit that need to be recognized, it was such a fun week to see everyone getting up and really going for it in their races!
Henry had a huge drop in his sprint events, almost a second in both the 50m Freestyle and 50m Butterfly! Saige raced multiple great 100m Breaststrokes taking off bits of time each time on the blocks and had a fast 50m Butterfly! Garrick had an outstanding 200m Backstroke improving by 22 seconds! Tristan really put together a great 200m Backstroke hitting his ideal splits on the first 100 and setting a new team record with a time of 2:12.98! Tristan also set team records in the 50m Backstroke and 100m Backstroke events! Addy had a huge 18 second improvement in the 100m Freestyle, going after the race right from the start! Emma took off eight seconds in her 200m Backstroke taking advantage of her long strong strokes! Phillipa had big drops her both the 50m Backstroke and 200m Backstroke events! Ally raced the 200m Freestyle multiple times and ended just over the time standard with a great second half! Sarah was very close in a few events to qualifying for Divisional Championships, she’ll have the times when we race again at the end of the month! Atria took off time in eight different events over the week of racing! Marcus’s 200m Breaststroke keeps improving and he just missed his time in the 100m Breaststroke, getting better every time he raced it! Mia also put together a really strong 200m Backstroke, improving her time by 12 seconds! I was really happy with how aggressive the swimmers were getting out strong on their races, trying to get within a second of their best 50m times in the first half of their 100m events and the same idea in their 200m swims.  

Really great swimming for so early in the new year! Full results for the time trial and racing in practice can be found in your ondeck app or on our website. February will really focus on race strategies as we prepare to race a lot before spring break.
Saturday, February 27 – 4:00-7:00pm Time Trial – for all groups  
Monday-Friday, March 1-5 – in practice racing for SwimBC Divisional Championships – Pursuit/Typhoon
Saturday, March 6 – 6:45-9:00am Time Trial – for Pursuit/Typhoon/Tsunami
Saturday, March 13 – 4:00-7:00pm Time Trial – for Pursuit/Typhoon/Tsunami

100% Best Times
Anya A, Henry B, Cameron C, Saige F, Vincent G, Tristan G, Chelsea L, Holly M, Pippa M, Atria Z, Evan Z

New Team Records

13-14 Boys
28.22 – 50m Backstroke – Tristan Govier (was Aidan Smith 29.78 2017)
1:01.13 – 100m Backstroke – Tristan Govier (was Aidan Smith 1:02.80 2017)
2:12.98 – 200m Backstroke – Tristan Govier (was Aidan Smith 2:17.65 2017)

New Time Standards

SwimBC Provincial Championships
Tristan Govier    200m Backstroke  

SwimBC Division Championships  
Stella Harris        200m Backstroke, 50m Breaststroke
Marcus Zhou      50m Breaststroke

SwimBC Division Championships (from Wednesday/Thursday/Monday practices)
Claire DeCoteau                50m Freestyle
Stella Harris                        100m Breaststroke
Brooke Johannson           50m Butterfly
Alessandra McCready     50m Freestyle, 50m Butterfly, 100m Butterfly
Atria Zehtab                       50m Freestyle, 100m Butterfly
Marcus Zhou                      50m Freestyle, 50m Butterfly