Minnetonka extends winning streak

Minnetonka extends winning streak

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Minnetonka won its fourth dual meet 98-70 when it faced Waconia at the Minnetonka Aquatics Center on Tuesday, February 2, 2021. Facing the smaller team gave the Skippers an opportunity to let some of its less experienced swimmers compete in varsity races.

In the 200 Yard Medley Relay, Ben Keller, Ryan McGuirk, William Poey and Nolan Trinh swam 1:44.50 for second place. Evan Witte, Sean Studenski, Knute Wargin and Cole Mizutani were third swimming 1:45.47. Xander Hawks, Leo Rosenhagen, Jacob Guggisberg, and Henry Rosenhagen placed fourth in exhibition, swimming 1:48.00.

Minnetonka swept the top three spots in the 200 Yard Freestyle, overtaking the lead in the meet. Ben Binder won with a time of 1:51.33, followed by Ryan Diede in second, swimming 1:52.06, and Gus Johanson placing third with a time of 1:55.43. Isaac McFall swam 2:01.58 in exhibition.

Carson Witte led the Skippers in the 200 Yard IM, placing second with a time of 2:01.52. Max Louie was third swimming 2:12.91, ahead of fourth place finisher Ryan Fries, who swam 2:14.40. Mizutani swam 2:14.39 in exhibition.

Andres Mallea’s time of 23.13 in the 50 Yard Freestyle gave him second place. Hawks was third swimming 23.36, followed by Luke Edwards swimming 24.88 for fourth place. Myonghai Choi was 25.14 in exhibition.

In the 100 Yard Butterfly, Jayanth Kurup captured second place swimming 56.20. Trinh was third swimming 58.02, and Noah Fu fourth with a time of 58.91.

Wargin swam 50.58 in the 100 Yard Freestyle for second place, followed by Evan Witte in third swimming 51.98, and Graham Muench in fourth swimming 52.09. Mizutani swam 56.55 in exhibition.

McGuirk won the 500 Yard Freestyle swimming 5:02.58. William Anderson placed fourth swimming 5:34.40, and Studenski was fifth swimming 5:39.29.

Minnetonka swept the top three spots in the 200 Yard Freestyle relay. Binder, Muench, Hawks and Wargin placed first swimming 1:31.07, followed by Carson Witte, Kurup, Mallea and McGuirk in second swimming 1:32.31 and Keller, Diede, Carter Lawin, and Henry Rosenhagen finishing third in 1:34.31.

Guggisberg won the 100 Yard Backstroke with a time of 59.73. Johanson was second swimming 59.86, and Louie third swimming 1:01.32. Fries’ time of 1:03.24 was swum in exhibition.

Swimming 1:05.15, Henry Rosenhagen won the 100 Yard Breaststroke. Leo Rosenhagen was fourth swimming 1:06.72, and Evan Witte fifth swimming 1:07.72. Keller swam 1:06.47 in exhibition.

Minnetonka swam the 400 Yard Freestyle in exhibition, with all three relay teams touching the wall ahead of Waconia. Edwards, Carson Witte, Diede and Louie finished first swimming 3:22.33, followed by Kurup, Mallea, Henry Rosenhagen and Johanson swimming 3:27.04, and Muench, Binder, Guggisberg, and Leo Rosenhagen swimming 3:27.05.

Minnetonka will compete against Eden Prairie on Friday, February 5 at the Eden Prairie Community Center.