Minnetonka falls to Edina

Minnetonka falls to Edina

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Minnetonka hosted the Edina Hornets on Thursday, February 18, 2021; the Skippers lost 80-103.

In the opening 200 Medley Relay Ryan McGuirk, Knute Wargin, Carson Witte, and Ben Binder placed second swimming 1:37.58. Evan Witte, Cole Mizutani, William Poey and Xander Hawks were third with a time of 1:43.31, while Luke Edwards, Sean Studenski, Noah Fu, and Isaac McFall swam 1:48.63 in exhibition.

Jacob Guggisberg, Ryan Diede and Ben Keller were fourth, fifth and sixth in the 200 Yard Freestyle, swimming 1:49.40, 1:49.42 and 1:51.25. Max Louie’s time of 1:56.04 was swum in exhibition.

In the 200 Yard IM, Binder’s time of 1:59.47 placed him second. McGuirk was fourth swimming 2:01.43, and Henry Rosenhagen fifth with a time of 2:01.75. Edwards swam 2:09.45 in exhibition.

Carson Witte was third in the 50 Yard Freestyle with a time of 22.43. Andres Mallea placed fifth swimming 23.12, and Hawks sixth in 23.36. In exhibition, Graham Muench swam 23.05.

Oliver Poitevent won diving with 236.55 points. Andrew Bussmann was third with 187.65 points, and Trey Maroney fourth with 182.90 points.

Minnetonka’s swimmers placed second through fourth in the 100 Yard Butterfly, led by Henry Rosenhagen swimming 53.33 for second place. Binder was third swimming 53.67, and William Poey fourth in 56.11. Jayanth Kurup’s 56.44 was swum in exhibition.

In the 100 Yard Freestyle, Keller placed third swimming 49.65, followed by Diede in fourth place swimming 49.96. Mallea placed sixth swimming 50.90, while Hawks swam 51.13 in exhibition.

Wargin won the 500 Yard Freestyle in a time of 4:48.69. Guggisberg was fifth swimming 5:05.97, and Gus Johanson sixth swimming 5:08.67. Leo Rosenhagen swam 5:16.81 in exhibition.

Minnetonka’s “A” relay placed second in the 200 Yard Freestyle Relay as Binder, Diede, Mallea and Carson Witte swam 1:30.28. Hawk, Muench, Louie and Guggisberg finished fourth in 1:33.72, wile Myonghai Choi, Kurup, Henry Rosenhagen and Poey were sixth swimming 1:38.57. Isaac McFall, Ryan Fries, James Lund and Nathan Sun swam 1:43.04 in exhibition.

McGuirk was third in the 100 Yard Backstroke with a time of 54.86. Edwards placed fifth swimming 57.87, while Evan Witte was sixth swimming 58.45 and Carter Lawin swam 58.74 in exhibition.

Wargin and Carson Witte tied with 1:00.34 in the 100 Yard Breaststroke, to claim second place. Mizutani was fifth swimming 1:02.86, and Johanson’s time of 1:06.12 was swum in exhibition.

With Edina swimming exhibition, Minnetonka earned first place points in the 400 Yard Freestyle Relay as Diede, McGuirk, Keller and Wargin finished in 3:20.70. Mallea, Louie, Henry Rosenhagen and Evan Witte were second swimming 3:28.98, and Guggisberg, Edwards, Leo Rosenhagen and Johanson swam 3:30.88 for third. Lawin, Drew Eichhorn, Poey and Studenski’s time of 3:36.65 was swum in exhibition.

Minnetonka hosts the Junior Varsity championship on Thursday, March 4.