More Info for Area 1 & 4 Champs

 Here is additional information for Area 1 & 4 Champs, including warmup times, livestreaming info and volunteer instructions:

We are looking forward to seeing you and your athletes at the Area 1&4 Championships meet this weekend in Gainesville. Here are some details and reminders for you and your teams. Please contact us if you have any questions!
Coach/Official/Volunteer Waivers and Check-In
Thank you all for helping to get us the waiver forms for your athletes! Coaches, officials, and volunteers will also need to sign a waiver but can do so on-site. After signing in at the check-in table, you can go to the lifeguard office inside the pool area, where you will receive a wristband after turning in your waiver and getting a temperature check. The wristband will allow you to use the restrooms in the MLK building south of the pool, instead of having to use the restrooms in the locker rooms.
Attached is the final fee report. Please bring checks with you to the check-in table if possible.
We will have tents, tables, and chairs for coaches along the west end of the pool.
Warm-up Schedule and Rules - Click here:  Warmup Times and Lanes
The warm-up lane and time assignments are in the PDF attached. Space is tight! If kids are late there is limited open time at the end of each session's warm-up period. We will be managing the start and end times closely for each assigned slot - we need everyone to help us stick to the timeline to be fair to all teams and athletes.
Warm-up lanes have a maximum of 2 swimmers, starting at opposite ends. If you have siblings in the same session, you can have 3 swimmers in a lane, with the siblings being at the same end and the non-sibling at the opposite end. Even though warm-ups are short, the space available per swimmer should allow for high quality warm-up within the time allowed.
Pool Area Map - Click here: Map
Attached please find the pool map with important details for you and for your athletes and families.
Heat Sheets and Timeline
The heat sheets (by session and full) and meet timeline are posted at We will provide coaches with printed heat sheets but we are not selling heat sheets at the meet so parents should bring what they need.
Spectators and Livestreaming Link
Spectators are not allowed inside the pool area, but the meet can be viewed through the pool fence in several places around the perimeter. Please remind parents that we all have to share that fence space so they should watch the swim and then head back to the tenting area to make room for the next group of parents. The meet will be live streamed at:
Meet Shirts

Meet shirts will be available for purchase on-site, with a limited inventory of short- and long-sleeve styles. Designed by a NFS swim mom!

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